From today I care a fu** for people who support the dark ideology of Modi/Shah and their crooks and support the idea of being a Hindu as abused by the neo-nationalists and the Chaddi gang.

India was and will remain a place where all religions are respected equally and where humans are not referred to as termites and people like Shah who do this are made to regret their words and actions.

If you support the bigotry of Shah and Modi, if you are proud of what they are doing to the minorities in India, if you feel that you can now create the Hindu Rashtra of your dream, then it is not Modi and Shahi and their vultures, but you, my friend who I need to face.

I have tried through my words over the last few years to bring sense to the people that we all are equal and as human as the other. That color, caste, religion, creed does not matter and that we are all one. But many would not listen and consider themselves as superior Hindus (and also bring the caste into play whose stink rots their minds). Fine. If you cannot understand, then my words will go silent.

Just this that from today onward, I start a policy of social boycott and anyone who supports Modi’s Islamophobia (or Trump’s hatred or any other bigot who decides to divide people) in any which way is not a friend anymore and even if I am left with no friend in this world it is OK but I would not hear or support any B.S.

Unfriend me yourself if you wish to continue in your own way and take pride in being a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian than being a human. Unfriend me if you are proud to be a White or a Brown or Yellow or Black.Unfriend me right away if you have any fucking pride in your Brahmin or caste based ancestory.

I would like to see a world where there is no discrimination and if I cannot live in one, then at least this is an idea working for, for the rest of my life and dying for.

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