Kashmir struggle

A beautiful land has now been made an experimental lab to test how the minorities can be converted into second class citizens in their own country by BJP and its authoritative government. Their main ideological think tank, RSS, never accepted the IOA or the instrument of Accession signed by the former king of Kashmir at the time of joining hands with India. They had worked for decades for the removal of Article 370 and Article 35 which gave a special place to Kashmir and to its people.

This time after coming into power, BJP worked on enabling its Kashmir agenda and for scrapping the above articles and even went ahead with the removal of statehood from Kashmir and crushed any rebellion by posting hundreds of thousands of soldiers in Kashmir and by stopping all internet services and communication lines and arresting any political or social leader worth his right.

On 16th July 2020, we discussed the issue of Kashmir in a panel discussion in Toronto 360 TV hosted by Mr. Arif Jahanigiri. The panelists were Mr. Zubair Dar, Mr. Irfan Malik and myself. We also discussed on the role of mafia in politics and especially in South Asia.

Below is an excerpt from the program and a recording of my views in the same and can be seen by clicking on the link-

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