Dev Narang for Toronto city council

Dev Narang for Toronto city council Etobicoke North- Ward one

Hi Friends

There is so much a writer and a truth seeker can do through words and resistance.

Finally ground level action is required to bring real change and for the same one has to work with the people and take part in the political process.

It is time that I too participate in Toronto politics and stand up for the values that are dear to me and what I believe will bring communities together and enable this multicultural city to become the best city in the world to live for all its residents.

Accordingly I am now an official candidate for the Toronto city council from Ward One- Etobicoke North to be held on October 24th 2022.

The journey is going to be long but breathtaking and I invite my friends and colleagues to embark on the same with me to enable us to make the city council and the city administration as multicultural as the city itself.

Also I finally accepted to do what I had not done for the past 14 years. Change my name to make it easier for people to remember it.

It was a difficult decision as in this life I have loved the name given by my grandmother- “Devanshu”, meaning the “Ray of Dev”. Dev in Hindi means God but what she was referring to was my grandfather Dev Chandra Narang, a patriot and a leader and the last President of Lahore Congress who sacrificed his life for the sake of communal unity at the time of Indian partition.

Perhaps it is time for the Ray of Dev to try and live up to the vision of Dev and follow in his footsteps.

Since I enter the political and social space now, I would henceforth be called DEV NARANG and will work to live up to the ideals of a man who has been my role model.

I urge for your help and support in enabling the vision of “that” Dev and building a world on the principal of “Vasudev Kutumbakam”or universal brotherhood, a society where all are treated with dignity and love- a work for which “this” Dev dedicates the rest of his life.


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