Dev Narang for Toronto city council

Dev Narang for Toronto City CouncilWard one Etobicoke North24th Oct 2022

Dev Narang’s Agenda:

While Dev is committed to stand for any rightful cause of the community the below is his focus agenda as a Councillor for the city of Toronto-

  1. 24th October 2022:             Visible – Yes          Minority- No More

The city of Toronto administration and establishments should well and truly represent its multicultural residents. With 52% of the city comprising of the so labelled- “visible minority”, it is high time that its establishments also look similar. With less than 10% of city colors in the council, less than 20% in the Toronto teaching community, less than 27% in the Police and familiar disparities in various city bodies including the City hall staff, libraries, parks and recreation and various other bodies, the time for change is HERE AND NOW. Come 24th October 2022, the council will change and initiate irreversible change at ALL levels.

  • Prepare Etobicoke North for the new world: The pandemic has taught us that the world has changed and the low paying manual in-person jobs have a short tenure. With one of the lowest family incomes and highest unemployment, many of the ward one residents are stuck in low paying, low skill jobs and past policy makers have worked with myopic vision.

I will work with universities and colleges to enable development of community programs focusing on skills for the future world including coding, analytics, animation and Fx software, content creation and nursing and senior care. Also I will try and work with the city, industry and businesses to try and institute scholarships for high performers from underprivileged families for post-secondary education.

  • ETOBIHOOD : With huge investments in content creation by various US production houses and streaming companies, Toronto is emerging as a busy hub for content creation and filming. However there is a lack of studios and spaces for filming in the city and I would work to enable development of old industrial/ warehouse storage spaces into film studios or building new ones. This is a billion dollar plus industry and Etobicoke North is ideally suited to be the ETOBIHOOD of true North.
  • Senior care: Heart breaking accounts of dismal care and extreme negligence at retirement homes and seniors’ care facilities during the last pandemic has proven that it is time for the city to be proactive and get headstrong into monitoring closely these “places of horror”.  Not anymore can any senior live in neglect for a single day or die due to inefficiencies of the system. Also extreme isolation and loneliness is a disease in itself and no human should be subject to such conditions. I would take a personal interest in this area and work with any and all agencies to develop solutions including greater monitoring, development and deployment of more care workers.
  • Small businesses:  During this pandemic with the world’s longest lockdowns and its variants existing in the city, small businesses and families dependent on them were crushed and are still suffering with loss of customers. At the same time heavily lopsided policies, led to a boom in business for large big box and online stores. We need to draw lessons from our mistakes and have a clear policy that will work towards enabling that never ever would the small businesses be forced to a complete shut down or suffer total lack of visibility. Disaster management should not mean creation of another disaster. While the city officials, administrators and policy makers can work from home and earn sunshine packages, the small businessman cannot be forced to depend on dole or survive on bare minimum resources.
  • Safer roads:  With the increase in road accidents, road race and road rage cases, Etobicoke North faces a grim situation. Besides difficult living conditions it also leads to greater economic pain when we pay one of the highest vehicle insurance costs in the region. I propose to work with the city officials to enable placement of more speed cameras and signs on intersections and arteries and also restoration of no parking signs in areas from where they have gone missing. The safety and well-being of our residents cannot be compromised due to laxity of workers or any misconceived economic reasons. The same goes for maintaining the roads which are in bad conditions in many areas of the ward and also on improving snow removal services especially in smaller roads which remain unserved for days at end.
  • Animal care: A caring city should have great empathy and love towards its flora and fauna. During extreme cold and difficult conditions, stray and wild animals and birds suffer and many die due to hunger or cold. The city needs to step up and not turn a blind eye towards life and caring for environment does not mean just caring for trees or reduction in carbon but also for these living beings. They may be considered by some as the children of a lesser God but need our care and love. After all it is WE who have encroached into their land and built our warm and cozy habitats. I propose to build more feeding places and places of shelter for animals and bird all around the city and especially in Etobicoke. I have enjoyed the immense love these children have brought to my life and would work to see that the entire city bask in this happiness.

This is a START and an open mind should always be eager for more ideas and also learn on the way and do course correction. I eagerly look forward to your valued comments and suggestions.

Dev Narang’s Profile:

“Dev” Devanshu Narang is an activist, actor (member of ACTRA), business consultant, poet and a writer.

As an activist, Dev has been at the forefront to fight discrimination and hate sown by any group based on race, religion, caste or class while raising his strong voice in support of muted people.

Dev is a columnist for various media agencies for more than a decade and also a regular panelist for local TV stations in South Asian community where his views and opinion are widely respected.

Before moving to Etobicoke North, Dev was elected as the founding Director and Vice President of a large condo building in downtown Toronto where he resided. He worked diligently for developing policies & committees and awarding contracts for new vendors while at the same time forcefully negotiating with the builder on various initial concerns.

In 2018 Dev was elected as the Chair of ACTRA AABP body and stood up for the dignity and respect for the background actors in the ACTRA council as well as with various agencies.

Prior to the same, while living in Niagara Falls, Dev was elected as the founding President of the Niagara Innkeepers Association in 2013 and represented the small innkeepers at various forums with the Mayor, city council, Police and various other agencies while working closely with all members in resolving their concerns.

In 2012, based on his excellent success in business and contribution to the Guelph community through his columns, he was selected as one among the TOP 75 immigrants to Canada by Canadian Immigrant (a Toronto Star group) in an annual event organized with RBC within 3 years of immigrating to Canada.

Before immigrating to Canada, he was a top corporate executive in various companies all around the world and SCM specialist. He later headed a large textile mill as its CEO and led to its successful turnaround. He possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from I.I.T. Bombay-the highest ranked university in India and one among the top 200 in the world (source QS top world universities2022)

Dev is ready to serve the people of Etobicoke North and the larger city of Toronto and is committed to serve with passion, truthfulness, honesty and dignity in times to come.


Tel:  437 262 9047                               Email:

Fb:     Website:

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