The million dollar question with Nick Kossovan

In a podcast released on July 2nd, 2022, the media discussed about the Toronto city council elections and came out with early endorsements for candidates for the Mayor and the 25 city wards.

This was on podcast- This time in history (link here) hosted by Matthew King and the popular journalist giving his endorsement was Nick Kossovan known for his sensible and honest political views.

I am delighted to let know that I was endorsed by Nick as the possible winner for ETOBICOKE NORTH in the upcoming Toronto city elections on June 24th 2022. While the entire interview is available by clicking here, the segment where he endorsed me can be listened below-

The campaign is gaining steam and I am happy to see that an honest attempt by an ordinary citizen to give voice to the muted in the City council may have a chance.

I keep marching ahead……..



#ward one

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