Every business should have the RIGHT entry/exit strategy and the best WAY to handle the same. Many options are available including buying and selling through realtors, or on your own, or through brokerage or online services, or word of mouth and adverstisements. We will assist you in many ways including-

1. MLS Listing– Our tie ups with licensed real estate agents who specialize in commercial busines brokerage will ensure that you would have links with dedicated professionals who are focusing on businesses and not just adding a few commercial listings to their main residential market. You will get connected to professionals who UNDERSTAND your line of business and focus there. These links will be shared with you all at NO COST to you.

Besides it is a MYTH created by agents to MAXIMIZE their commissions that they charge higher as they are ‘better equipped’ and that the same can lead to HIGHER VALUE sales. The MLS Listing network is SAME and today any person can go ONLINE and shortlist properties on ICX. We believe in charging GENUINE costs for our efforts and not what can make us rich.

Our promoter  who is a licensed business BROKER, focusing primarily on businesses & can list your property on MLS at as low as 1.5% listing cost or a 3.0% overall cost (+HST). Guaranteed.

2. Direct Sales– Should you wish NOT to sell through realtors/MLS or would like to SELL DIRECTLY, we can assist and guide you through the process of advertising , arranging showings, helping in drafting agreements and other intricacies of the process at hourly rates or even as a percentage of the sale/purchase price.

3. ADD-Ons– Motels are not like houses and there are many other areas to be taken care off while buying/selling motels. These could include things like website developments/ transfers, online search engine listings, utility and cable/ telephone/internet connections, accounting set ups, reservation recording systems, the list is endless. We will provide guidance from professionals at all stages in  ensuring a seamless transition at nominal cost.

Interested? Contact Devanshu at devanshu_narang@yahoo.com