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For years, small hotel owners have had no support base to look forward to! Problems galore but solutions have to be found out individually, in the absence of collective and collaborative knowledge base and may not be RIGHT.

Further more, there are limited options available to become a part of a flagship, especially for smaller properties.Besides with extensive online advertising opportunities provided by popular booking sites, the benefits have diminished to join a franchise.

Yet there are tens of areas where support is required like-

– How to arrange MORTGAGE/REFINANCE and from WHOM?

– How to arrange for working CAPITAL during off season?

– How to get the RIGHT INSURANCE products?

– Where to INVEST hard earned money during season?

– How to maximize benefits of ONLINE MARKETING?

– How to RESPOND to negative ONLINE REVIEWS ?

– How to track RESERVATIONS to avoid overbooking?

– How to take care of LEGAL issues & LONG TERM renters?

– How to save on UTILITY and PROCUREMENT costs?


– How to improve ROOM QUALITY and MODERNIZE?

– How to TRAIN self and staff ?

– How to keep track of INDUSTRY & COMPETITION?

– Which property to BUY and WHERE and when to SELL?

–  & many, many, more…….



Every problem brings to forefront it’s own solution provider but THEIR interests lie with SELLING their products than in saving hotel owner’s wealth.It is also humanly impossible to handle everything on one’s own and SOME area or the other suffers leading to business losses.

Support is critical!

This is where we at MOOD I come in !


You can SPEND more money by doing things on your own or using the marketers who act as advisers or SAVE money by trusting us and our team of experienced professionals With HANDS ON knowledge of running successfully hotels/motels and other retail business in Canada and millions of dollars worth business world wide and with direct knowledge of the real estate, mortgage, insurance and finance industry. We will not just BE THERE for you when you need our advice but will also connect you, if you so desire with a choice of other competent professionals.

Our motto is simple- Money SAVED is money EARNED!

Connect with us ANYTIME and we will be THERE for you!


Welcome to a new INDEPENDENT FRANCHISE model-


MOTEL is a Hospitality services product developed by our company Mood I Limited which takes care of the critical areas of the business-

     MMarket Intelligence & CRM

     OOperational Focus

    TTraining & Development


     LLoans & Lending

MOTEL is a service extended to all motel owners at any time.

To become a member, call +1 416 848 4313 or email

Together let’s BUILD FORTUNES!