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Motels are among the TOUGHEST BUSINESSES to get financing. Most Canadian banks and financial institutions shy away from financing these properties leaving the field wide open to loan sharks.

In an industry operating at low margins, HIGH cost of FINANCE is the main reason for the properties to go DOWN UNDER.

What’s more there are regular cases of mortgage brokerages targeting small motel owners, promising them of loans at low rate of interest and then linking them up with lenders whose effective rate including lending fees, etc are upwards of 13% for first mortgage!

It’s important to deal with the RIGHT MORTGAGE LENDERS who can work with you individually and get the right prdouct.

We UNDERSTAND that every case is different and so is every solution needs to be tailor made! Our abilities include-

 1. FIRST MORTGAGE/LOAN-We will provide you  a list of lenders, mortgage brokers and also assist you, if desired in recommending the right strategy to follow for your specific loan requirement. 

We can also assist you in the process, if you so desire to go directly to respective banks or credit agencies.

Our promoter who is a licensed mortgage agent can also work directly with you at low charges to ensure that you have the right product at low costs and in the right frame of time.

2. SECOND MORTGAGE/  LINES OF CREDIT– Whether it is getting a line of credit through your own financial institution and preparing and submitting documents and carrying out discussions, or in arranging second mortgage/ loans through other agencies, we can be there with you at all times at nominal charges.

3. RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGES– At times, for self employed individuals it becomes tough to get residential loans. We can support you in arranging the best solutions at competitive rates  based on stated income case basis too.

4. DEBT CONSOLIDATION– Credit card debts, lines of credit, high interest cost loans- we can work with you in ensuring that we reduce your cost of capital and enable the right solution.

5. UNSECURED CASH ADVANCES AND CASH BUSINESS LOANS–  When no securities or collateral exists and still urgent cash is required, we can help in arranging Cash advances and business loans. WITHOUT any securities.

Cash advances can be provided against your credit card billing statements and will be paid back as a percentage of your credit card sale. Pay only proportionate to your earnings. You earn less, you pay less! No stress!

Cash business loans, which are cheaper than cash advances, also would not require any securities other than your personal guarantee and can be paid back on a daily debit basis.

The above are two useful tools to take care of your immediate cash needs and with our tie ups with leading financing companies we can assist you in arranging working capital. All at  NO COST  to you.

GOOD CREDIT. BAD CREDIT- We will assist you in navigating the financial maze at all times.

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