Operational Focus

Operational management and a tight leash on costs is the key to success in the motel business. We will assist you at all stages in-

1. Procurement- Providing information on where to source from and where you can fetch some great deals. We can even procure for you at nominal surcharge which will be transparent and will still save money for you as we will provide ecnomies of scale.

2. Business and legal consultancy- From issues like handling difficult customers, long term renters and how to deal with them, invoices and information to be displayed on them for your protection, to even book keeping services, assistance in getting cheap legal assistance, links to various help forums; we will  be there to assist you at all stages and can even act on your behalf at nominal costs.

3. Employees– We can assist in providing short term and long term personnel, should the need arise and can even help in scruitnizing and recruiting staff, at low charges. We will also keep you updated on employment practicies and your duties as a responsible employer.

4. Insurance– With our links to insurance companies and professionals, we can assist you in getting the right insurance products for your business, mortgages, automobiles and even life and accidental insurance.

5. Miscellaneous- From pest control companies, fire inspection agencies, pool cleaners, carpet cleaners, plumbers, electricians, air conditinong contractors, …, we will be there with you at all stages to provide not just information to you but also can arrange to get the work done for you, at nominal charges.

For further details please email devanshu_narang@yahoo.com