Training & Development

Continuous improvement or ‘kaizen’ can enable you to go one up on your competitors. Today it is the greatest enabler of success. We will assist you by-

1. Training– Providing links to places and events where relevant trainings are provided for the hotel industry. At times we will arrange our own trainings and invite you to attend the same free or at nominal cost.

2. Housekeeping– A CLEAN room is the NUMBER ONE priority for a guest. As owners, sometimes you would not get the time to look at your rooms and may rely on the skills of your housekeepers. We can train your housekeeping staff, provide you with tools to carry out daily, montly and quaterly inspections and also inform on standards to maintain in the room quality as per your star ratings.

3. KAIZEN- In our industry, a standard room can become ‘Dated’ in no time and guests are looking at regular improvements at all times. We will keep you abreast with the latest developments in the trade and also suggest improvements that can be carried out at low costs to enable you to ensure that the customer experience is enhanced on regular basis.

4. Star rating- For decades, there are agencies available in North America to rate hotels and provide what are called the star ratings. These are barometers through which you can gauge where your property stands with respect to the competition. However they come at a HIGH price and also do not provide for improvement plans.

Not any more! At low costs, we will carry out a Quality inspection and rate your properties on a scale of 1 to 5 and provide you a MOOD I certificate of quality, if your hotel meets the standards, at nominal costs.

We will also provide feedback in terms of areas of improvements and will also draw out a ROAD MAP TO improvement, if you so desire.

We can ensure that you are not just RATED but we work with you, hand in hand to ensure that we enable not just QUALITY INSPECTION but also QUALITY ASSURANCE for times to come!

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