Like you, I am INFINITE BORN

And die, I know, I will FINITE,

For every MOMENT of my existence,

I eat, I drink, I THINK, I WRITE!

You may laugh WITH my creations,

You may laugh AT my creations,

Your one moment of happiness,

Is my reward in any situation!

My stories talk of pain,

They may be full of hurt,

And yet, the lotus blooms,

But out of mud and dirt!

My work will not be perfect,

Applause is not so dear,

To me their worth is only,

If they remove your tear!

I know I am a gypsy,

A bird who flaps and flies,

Come LIVE with me THIS moment,

Goodbye! I leap BEYOND the skies!


That is the essence of my life! I may wear different masks at different times- Writer, Poet, Thinker, Performer, Singer, Engineer, Businessman, Corporate Executive, Real Estate Broker, Friend, Father, Son, Brother, ……….

And yet, the most important purpose of my existence, that which gives me the greatest satisfaction, is to create and share.

I was born a Hindu, studied in a Catholic school and have had very close interaction with Muslim and Sikh way of life. Religion to me therefore was never a limiting boundary as I crossed the lines many a times to draw from all that I felt was good.

But still there was confusion. Why so many differences? Why so much pain and hatred in the name of religion?

And then I went to Indonesia and met some of the most loving and peaceful people in the world.

And finally one day, I got in touch with the teachings of the greatest thinker of our times, OSHO.

No confusion, doubts, existed any more.

Religion, a very personal feeling could never be defined by the communities created in its name, but, if anything, was a unifying factor as it links all of us to the INFINITE from whom we derive. And whose IOTAS we are!

My writings in my mother tongue, HINDI and my adapted language English derive their strength and words from OSHO, Nanak, Krishna, Dayanand, the beautiful people of Indonesia and all the Gurus amongst the simple people I have met in real life.

They have guided me and have brought me PEACE and UNDERSTANDING of my inner self.

I write as means to thank my ‘Gurus’ by communicating their message to the fellow IOTAS, hoping that we all can realize that the only journey that we need to undertake to find God is to go deeper inside us and be at peace with our ‘I’ within.

The stories, the poems, the essays that you will read are how they were ‘seen’ by me and not how there were to be ‘shown’ to the world!

That is the main reason for the creation of this blog space as it allows me to express my views with ‘Freedom’ and ‘Inhibition’.

Some of these posts have appeared in the past in various media organizations of Canada (Guelph Mercury for whom I am writing since 2010 and New Canadian Media for whom I am writing since 2015) and India (Times of India, the most widely read news media of India for whom I am writing as an associate since 2011 and now have my own blog space too).

I have also authored a book NAURANG: NINE SHADES OF LIFE wherein the nine basic emotions which in India are depicted through ‘Mudras’ or ‘state of motion’ in dance form, are instead expressed in Hindi Poems and English prose through real and fictional life events. (Available with Anuradha Prakashan, Amazon and Flipkart).

Hope this touches your soul and together we can learn from each other to make this world a more livable and likable place!

Keep Walking!                                                                                  – Devanshu Narang

One comment

  1. Devanshuji.

    If you remember me, Sunita Jain Bhandari, once contacted you over Facebook. I put my Facebook down. Today is the reason to contact you is that I am looking for a story writer. After my accident day by day I am getting physically weaker and weaker. But I don’t show my weakness to anyone. I don’t want pity, sympathy or to be treated like a victim. The story is based about the phases of my life. Before I proceed further, I need to make sure that you will not discuss anything with anyone specially who has last name Bhandari.

    In short, the story will be revolving around narcisstic family and my failures. Everyone who knows me wish that they could have life like me but they are not aware that is all farce. I did put some words together but later found in shredder. After my accident as situauation is not under my control, I got controlled by the situation. I want to break the silence.

    I think primarily in Hindi and then in English.

    My email id is bhandarisunita@gmail.com

    I know about you thru Dev-vani.

    Please keep this strictly professional and just between both of us. If any of us think we cannot proceed further, we both will discard this conversation.



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