Devanshu assists organizations by providing Advisory services in operations, Supply Chain management, Vendor Relationship Management and Organizational Process Review.

This is done through short or medium term assignments from One day to even an extensive period like six months wherein Devanshu and his team of talented professionals would understand the systems, diagnose the critical impediments and then not just suggest solutions to enhance productivity but work with the team to enable deliverables. 

He can act as a catalyst in improving systems and enhancing production and/or even guide the team in achieving them and building a path for future consistent success.

Devanshu has a rich experience of delivering successful results in diverse industries from Textile to Auto Components and can analyze and assist in any industry right from a single unit process line product to a multi-component assembly line product.

Devanshu specializes in Supply Chain Management, Production Planning, Capacity maximization, Sourcing, Inventory Management, Vendor Relationship Management, Plant Operations, Technological review, Human Resources Development and Retail Management specially in sectors which require fast turn around times at Low cost of production.

Besides the above, Devanshu can also assist in specific industries in Canada and USA in Hotel Revenue Management, Real Estate and mortgage planning.

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