Naurang: Nine shades of life- Devanshu’ new book was published on 30th January 2017.

The nine emotions depicted in Indian dance form through various mudras are expressed in Naurang in English prose and Hindi poems by real and fictional life events. It throws light into our inner self, how we relate to life events and how we connect to our biggest assumption, God or God particle who we have defined ourselves as our creator.

It is one of his finest creations and is a culmination of a creative journey of twelve years through which he too experienced his own enlightenment.



You can easily ORDER the book in India through any of the following channels-


Available Online for easy DOWNLOAD in pdf (11 mb only) on Daily hunt at a nominal price of just about a Dollar at Daily hunt (click here)

In paper back at many places including by clicking the respective icons at –


If you would like to rent the book for under Rs. 100, then the book can also be ordered online at INDIA READS (order by clicking on the icon)- the largest online library in India.

The book is priced only at Rs. 225 in India and as a special case, Anuradha Prakashan is only supplying in India at Rs. 200 INCLUSIVE of shipping charges.In CANADA & USA the price is $ 8.00.

The book can also be ordered by writing to

Naurang and its wonderful content is chartering its own success path.

In February 2017, the IIT Bombay Alumni Association declared Devanshu as the Author of the month (Click on interview or author to read the story)

On 26th February 2017, Gateway Lit-Fest 2017 glf-2017-invite , a very prestigious literary festival of Mumbai held at NCPA, Mumbai honored him where he recited his poem, ‘Madhu-tat’ (Click on Madhu-tat 1 and Madhu-tat 2 to link partial recording)  from his book Naurang: Nine shades of life.


The book was appreciated and selected as a part of the offerings at OXFORD BOOK STORE, Connaught Place, New Delhi- one of the top book stores of India. Since July 2018 onward, now you can buy the book from Oxford Book Store, CP too (Photos below)-


The journey continues……

Happy reading