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Devanshu Narang, a full member of Canada’s professional actors union, ACTRA was born in Dehradun, India, studied and actively pursued theater at IIT Bombay, India and then returned back to his first love of acting actively decades later in 2018 at the age of 50 in Toronto, Canada. In between a decade earlier he did a course in film making from the prestigious NYFA, New York besides acting and directing a few short films in New York including a beautiful short film Rendezvous which was a finalist at Chicago Short film festival in 2009.  (Watch on this link-

Devanshu has started to get his desired breakthroughs in 2021 and is actively pursuing acting roles in Canada, India and wherever the opportunity takes him.

Devanshu is fluent in English, Hindi, Urdu and can also speak a bit of Punjabi and Bhasha Indonesia.

Contact: Tel: Canada: Cell- +1 437 236 3553  Home-  416 848 4313



                      FILM AND THEATER BACKGROUND

Film education: Course in Digital Film making from New York Film Academy, New York  

Feature film roles-

1.     Netflix/Hollywood feature film with popular star cast- Principal role- in post-production currently shot in 2021 (Toronto ’21)

2.     ‘Stealing Vows’– A Canadian film currently in post-production (Toronto ’21)

3.     ‘I am OK’- A Canadian film (Toronto ’18)- Taxi Driver

 T.V. Series roles-

1.  A Bell TV series being shot currently in 2021- Principal role.              

2.  Sort Of- A CBC/HBO Prime TV series premiered in TIFF 21 releasing in October 21- Taxi driver                                                                     

3. Private Eyes Season 3 Episode 3- Toronto 2019– Global TV, Canada– Bride’s father


1. NFL– Toronto 2019 (very popular commercial in North America). Link here 


2. E-Trade– Toronto 2012- for USA/Canada audience. Link here                                  

3. Patagonia – Toronto 2015           

4. New York 2009

Short Films Acting roles-

1.  A Bloody Mess – Lead – Father (Toronto ’19)     

sanjaya bloody mess                   

2.  Russian Bollywood Christmas–Lead- Father (Toronto ’10)     

3.  Toronto Garbage Strike- Supporting- Municipal worker (Toronto ’10) 

4. Homage to Atilda- Principal- Street vendor (Toronto ’10)   

5. Rendezvous- Lead- An out of work executive (New York ’09) . Link here     


6. Many more short films including Rear Truth, Mad, Deaf and Disappointment, Transformation, New Yorkers ( New York ’09)

Music Videos-

1.     ‘All my life’ -Mad Ruk Entertainment – Vendor (Toronto ‘16)

2.      ‘Understand’ -Arabesque – Principal- Bride’s father (Toronto ’12)

Voice Over-

1.G for Girl Literacy-  (Toronto ‘15)

Photo Shoot

  1. Quesada Mexican Grill- (Toronto ’11)  

Background –In many feature films and TV Series (‘09 to date)

THEATER-Have acted and directed many plays in English and Hindi in Mumbai (‘85-89)

The shorts that he has directed, edited and scripted include RENDEZVOUS – a 17 minute short (which was selected as an Official Finalist at the Chicago Short Film Festival)

OTHER: Member of Film Writers Association, Mumbai, India -the most prestigious body for film and TV writers in India. An accomplished writer, author and a contributor to national media of Canada (New Canadian Media) and India (Times of India).


Cell:+1 4372363553 (What’s app too)

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