Jokers and their acts !

SONY DSCBehold Oh mortals! I now bestow upon thee,

The privilege to peep inside these glass walls;

Laugh at what I show, while I laugh at what you see,

Then live how I destine, while I thrive on royalty!

While watching Hillary Clinton informing the media of why she decided to use her own email server rather than using the US government’s official mail system while working as Secretary of state, I could not help but smile at the drama being in acted!  Either she thought that the whole world was naïve and would genuinely believe that she was using the convenience of one mail system for both official and personal work or she thought that it was alright for her to do what she desires and bend systems and procedures accordingly.

She chose the right place to come out with her reply, an event to celebrate the achievements of the modern women, where the world will celebrate and admire her achievements and will ignore her minor error of ‘convenience’. She also informed the world that ‘she’ has decided herself, before the state even has a chance to explore, which amongst those mails came under the private domain and has already deleted them, lest someone else looks at what yoga pants she wears.

Unfortunately Madam Politician, though I guess she would prefer ‘Madam To-be-President’, your act is not perfect and smacks of double standards which the powerful follow worldwide.

Ask any person who works in any official position anywhere, be it in the government domain or the corporate world and it is an expected practice that they need to use official email identity for all official work. If at all, they use the official mail identity for sending or receiving personal mails, the same may still be accepted, but no organization would allow the regular usage of private email identity for official work.

It is further surprising to see that the President and the government of the greatest power in the world, which snoops at all and sundry, world over, now mention that they did not notice this earlier! Seriously!

This is not an act of ‘convenience’ but a display of supreme belief that the powerful can make different rules for masses while following a different set for them.

This practice is widespread!

Be it the judge, police and the administration of Fergusson, USA, who feel that they can easily bend the constitution of their own country and trample on ordinary citizens and their rights at will to satisfy their goals and their racial prejudices.

Be it the US Congress and its speaker who ignore the President of their own country to allow another politician of their choice from Israel to use the same Congress as his political circus and display his jocular skills to the entire world while the Congressman clap at his prowess.  Prime Minister Netanyahu got his message sent to his electorate while the Congress sent its own concocted message to the US President! It is just another proof of what power can do to people and how it can alienate them from their own people and the interests of the world to which they belong.

Be it the Ex-Mayor of New York Rudy Giuilani who feels that it is Ok to question the love of the nation of his own President just because he has the privilege to express his views at forums where they will generate wide publicity. He chooses to ignore how it will bring despair not just to the President but to a whole community who would sense the racial overtures of the message especially when he goes ahead to justify that he intended something else as Obama had a ‘White’ mother and ‘White grand parents’!

Be it a judge in Quebec, Canada who admonishes a woman to be improperly dressed in court and postpones her hearing for a minor car ticket relating incidence just because she was wearing a ‘hijab’, a head covering gear in the court!

Be it the countless number of CEOs and heads of various organizations who would love to splurge on private jets and mansions, exquisite jewelry and even expensive divorces but cringe to raise wages for their large work force and design interesting ways like shift scheduling, part time work, contract labor and the likes to ensure that the labor force is always fearful of losing even the miserly pittance they make. And if anyone raises voice, they use their fellow cronies in politics and media while denouncing the people and their so called socialistic tendencies.

Or be it the countless number of rude and discourteous immigration officials one regularly comes across both sides of the US and Canadian borders who would admonish people for any irrelevant issues, deny entry to ordinary, innocent, law abiding families going on Disney holidays, especially if one is not of the right color!

It is true. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

This is not representative of American continent but of the entire world and also of all ages whenever people have enjoyed any seat of power. Yet, we the cattle class have allowed them to fodder on us for centuries and would perhaps continue to do so for many more!

But there is hope! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

It is called ‘INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA’. We now live in a world where we can ensure greater scrutiny and ensure that the knowledge can travel through millions of unregulated channels and can spread like wild fire!

It is upon us to realize this and remember that the real power now rests with us!

Madam Politician, Prime Minister Netanhayu , Judge Brockmeyer of Fergusson and your likes, its’ time that you realize that we have a better vision to see through your acts and that before you answer to your God, you still would remain answerable to us- the COMMON MAN!


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