On 14th February, Valentine day, one of our suppliers was in the mood to remind people to pay their bills on or before 20th Feb, the last day of bill payment.


Accordingly, he wrote an email as follows-


Today is a day for showing your love.
Being kind on this day fits like hand in glove.
I don’t want chocolate or even a flower.
But this Valentine’s Day. Yes, you have the power.
To improve my day through a simple act
you would make me smile and that is a fact.
Just send me a note telling when you will pay
That simple act will make my Day.
Perhaps it is already on it’s way here.
If so, let me know so my notes will be clear.
A brief note with check number and mailing date
is all I require your response would be great.
If you have any questions or you need more details
please call me or write I like calls and emails.
In case you wondered how much you owe
The amount is right here so that you know

how much to pay


On reading his request I replied-


I owe you some money, Oh creditor dear,

And will pay on time, so relax and cheer,

Enjoy this day of Love sublime,

And think of money some other time!!!


To this he replied-

Thanks for your answer I noticed it rhymed
I am impressed it was even well timed
When I get home I will take your advice
But here at work the cat watches the mice
I must do my job alas paying no mind
To money at my job would soon get me fined.


And finally I replied-

I do like your spirit and your little rhyme,

Alas Miss Dollar is my love Divine;

I long for her company for just a little time,

Tomorrow I will give you my dear Valentine!!!


Guess life is about little fun, like this!


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