(Published in Guelph Mercury in Dec. 2012)


One word that truly represents the feeling that has spread all over the world, after the incidence of mass murder of 20 innocent children and their teachers by yet another mad man in USA,  has come to light.

There cannot be a greater pain for any father or mother but to come face to face with the death of their children. To see that death coming in such brutal fashion for innocent buds who did not even flower as yet is further heart breaking. Today mankind prays collectively to the Lord requesting him to give courage and solace to the families left behind in this hour of extreme pain and trauma.

America yet again, is trying to come to terms with this senseless killing while the authorities and psychologists are trying to find the motive as to why the madman murdered his own mother and then carried out such ruthless carnage.


Can any motive emerge out of a lifeless body of a madman and if anything is arrived at, will it not be assumptions derived by a group of psycho-analysts based on other ‘data’ available?

Can there be any other motive than it being an act of madness of a madman?

Can any motive justify this act?

We long to find motives and reasons in all actions but it is a reality that there are some acts which cannot be justified by motives but are such horrendous aberrations of human mind that finding motives to justify them is an act of madness itself.

Yet if there is anything that needs to be looked at, questioned and also perhaps drawn lesson from, then it is as to how and why such objects of violence which can cause colossal loss of human lives are readily available in the societies of today? For whom? For what purpose?

Motives have to be found on why a lady would need to have assault rifles and such heavy armory in her possession and how and why she was allowed to acquire it?

Why would a school teacher teach her own child to use and play with such armory at young age only to see her being perhaps the first victim of his madness?

Why do societies in general and America in particular love the sound of guns and weapons so much that they allow free access to all and sundry of the most heinous weapons of destruction and consider this as their ‘charter right’ in the name of freedom. And countries worldwide, including its silent ally Canada, desire to follow America into this blind alley.

No President Obama and his fellow politicians all over the world!  THIS IS THE WEEK, THIS IS THE MONTH, THIS IS THE YEAR when we need to decide that human lives are more precious than the powerful gun lobby. Act here and now and come up with measures to ensure that this does not occur again.

Acts of defense do not require a person to be armed to the teeth capable of removing the very existence of human kind from one’s neighborhood. If guns are to be allowed than stricter laws need to exist to not only monitor its existence in common household but also its usage from time to time.

Motives if necessary need to be studied in every minute detail at the time of acquisition of such weapons and also when a person confirms on its usage than as an afterthought when innocent lives are lost.

The silence of the lambs butchered yet again by the forces of destruction created by politicians in the name of interpreting laws based on freedom, needs a collective voice which can create a roar capable of piercing the deaf ears of our politicians, scaring them away from their vote bank of gun friendly people and powerful gun lobbyists.

Freedom can never mean empowering the evil. Freedom can never mean being able to wipe off human lives. Freedom can never mean being allowed to kill in the name of madness or some mental disorder.

Let these voices of protest be ours, of parents and families mourning the untimely deaths of their young ones, of communities hoping that they are not next in line of yet another fully armored maniac, of people willing to say enough is enough.

Love, Yes! Guns, NO! That is the only Christmas present that I would request the Good Lord to bestow on us this Christmas. Amen!

Appeared in Guelph Mercury on December 19th,2012- Link below-



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