Trumpsters and trumplings

So this Donald quacks more than the duck we all used to love. So much so that the world now recognizes him, not just as a big mouth but as a threat to world peace at par with ISIS. One takes on the Western world while the other targets the Muslim world. And both would go to any length to eradicate their own citizens if and when it is required to acquire total power. Brothers in arms.


“Trumplings”, it’s time we give a name to the golden discourses of hate and fear that Trump provides and Trumpsters, men and women who use Trumplings for the benefit of ruling the masses, are not new to the world. Many dictators, power mongers, fascists and even popular political leaders are prone to their indiscriminate usage.

I know this well, as I am of Indian origin where Trumpsters are available dime a dozen.  Many of  India’s members of parliament, chief ministers and even prime ministers have made apt use of Trumplings when the situation arose. A popular Prime Minister of ours, used a Trumpling to ensure that thousands and thousands of citizens were butchered in the name of shaking the earth when a giant tree falls. Many popular chief ministers, political and religious czars, past and present- Trumpsters to the core, have used Trumplings to massacre citizens, defend rape, even lynching all with the prime purpose of protecting their support bank. Most messages of tolerance and reason are portrayed as acts of sedition and the people mocked at, beaten blue and their voices subdued or crushed.

It’s OK. Donald, we understand.

In fact the entire world gets your message loud and clear as worldwide there are many Trumpsters who have ensured huge destruction of the human psyche and caused irreparable damage to the core values of their nation.

And Donald, I also understand one thing loud and clear. You are not the stupid fart as the media portrays you to be one. You are smart. Like, real Smart, a true product of Wharton School of Business.

Forget the politicians who are shouting at the top of their voice to rebuke you. Most of them are being politically correct and are hiding behind a saintly mask. When elections come, even the most liberal amongst them check their demographics in terms of religious, regional or color patterns and strategise accordingly. People see through their games and you know that.

Why do you utter Trumpling? Not because you love it. It is because they love it.

The people who come to your meetings and cheer for you. The people who shout ‘Yeah’ in front of their TV when they hear Trumplings. The people who say Amen to you, in the solitude of their rooms and in the darkness of their hearts.

Yes, there is a Trump who lives in all our hearts.

He makes us cringe when we see a bearded Muslim man with his Niqab wearing wife sitting next to us in the subway.

He makes us shout at the top of our voices when any one says anything which is not in consonance with our religious or moral values. He makes us slit throats of infidels in Raqqa, cut hands of the non believers in Saudi Arabia, lynch and burn a man alive in India or make law protectors shoot black teenagers in America.

And our Trump supports this Donald big time.

Just scratch below the surface and you will see a Hyde behind every Jekyll.

How many Hindus would accept that their daughters are married to a Muslim man or vice versa?

How many times amongst your own group of family and friends, have you not commented about people belonging to other color or religion as if they were less humans than you and made snide remarks?

How many times have you felt strongly that the policies and laws of your nation are dictated in a way as you desire especially if your religion, color, tribe or caste is in majority in your nation ?

The earth was one.  Look at the number of pieces we have divided it into in the name of religion, language, color, civilization and any other reason invented by us?

Our hearts are One. Look at way it beats separately for a certain group of people and how it misses a beat while noticing some others.

These divisions are not God made but made by you and I .

In many Western countries and especially America, a large section of the population wanted someone to say what Trump said on their behalf.  Trump is speaking our language. He is relating to us, directly. To some with positive overtones while to others with negative.

Mark my words. Donald Trump will not fade away. Trump lives in our heart, each one of them; one who loves him for what he is speaking aloud on his behalf and the one who hates him for speaking against what he thinks.

If this Donald will go, then another Goofy character may replace him. If Al Qaeeda is brought to book then ISIS will replace it. Where ‘Mandal’ fails, ‘Kamandal’ fits in.  Because we want them. Because we are them.

No doubt love exists and that is why there is still hope. Somehow we shower it selectively to the ones we decide. It has become our choice and not nature’s.

I would want to end this article with a positive message but I can’t. The word is still out on this one as these battles have been fought for centuries and will perhaps be continued to be fought for many more. Only the context and the methods change.  The real change, can only come from within.

Are you willing to declare Donald ‘Trumped’? Can you shun the Trump inside?

Your answer can make the true difference between war and peace in this world.

Published in Times of India on December 11th 2015, link below-


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  1. wow this is is so powerful. my best friend is Indian and she frequently talks about the anti-muslim sentiment and how it is not limited to the US, citing that 5 major religions in India have problems with them. I can see where culture comes to play but I can see even more why it is that ugly part of us. You’re right in that somebody else will replace him, but I hope that our love will always outweigh our fear, and that we will only allow empathy to drive our policy. Thanks for sharing!


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