From Mississauga to Mussoorie



“Blessed is the one    who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take    or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the Lord,     and who meditates on his law, day and night.”

-Psalm 1, The Old Testament, Hebrew Bible.

Rejoice, the heaven is now officially on earth and the promised good days are here to stay!

The chosen Lords of the ruling majorities take over the reins of their kingdom in their respective worlds. Minorities beware as thy path is that of the wicked or the sinner and thy company is that of the mockers. Thy ways would be shunned by the Lord and his disciples.

The majority mob is recapturing the world and how! This is the universal truth. You just need to change the context and can thereafter, relate to most hateful incidences world over.

Every time I feel that I would no longer be affected personally by the disgusting incidences of hate which are now a common occurrence in a world going wrongfully right, a new one emerges which pushes the envelope to a lower depth.

In the West, the entire progress made in race relations is put to new tests every day through one vitriolic incidence after another. The beast was always there and used to howl and growl inside but was kept under control. However, with leaders emerging who ‘say’ the ‘perceived truth’ as it stands, who represent the majority and their view of calling a spade a spade, the beast is out in the open and running amok at civilized society, causing hurt to all and sundry who have any color that impurifies the virgin White. Or does not suffice to the glory of the White master’s chosen Lord or his kingdom.

In Canada an incidence where in Mississauga, the heart of Greater Toronto Area, a lady shouting and abusing staff and asking for a White Doctor to treat her child has made media gone berserk as if something absolutely abnormal has occurred. And yet what is more hurtful than the incidence are the comments on various websites and social media justifying the acts of the lady, calling it tit for tat, or at best saying that one person’s act cannot be used to judge the entire society.

I stand amused because this is just one of the thousands and thousands of incidences that happen to the colored people in their lives, day after day in Canada, USA and the rest of the White world. Racism is alive and kicking and is in fact strengthened further by the emergence of the Alt-Right.

I have personally faced immense racial abuse, erased Paki and Pig slurs written and left behind on the walls of my hotel rooms, ran after speeding cars of White men showing middle fingers and throwing abuse to me on the streets of Niagara Falls, ……, I could go on and on. My crime, I was an old, Brown man who stood up to abuse and did not accept it as a way of life. And not to mention the fact that my name and my insistence of not getting it changed to a Dave or Bill has ensured that even calls for job interviews have been lesser than the number of years I have spent in Canada.

So what was abnormal in that hospital incidence? Why is the media making so much hue ‘n’ cry about it?

Oh, I get it. It has occurred out in the open to the elite of the civilized society. The upper class of the Colored Masters are disturbed that it could happen to many others like them- the financial executives on Bay street, the architects, Academicians, journalists, architects, engineers and the likes. It does not matter if this is a common occurrence for an ordinary colored man or woman like me out on the street-people working in hotels, gas bars, sub ways, driving taxis, or working as security guards, airport and parking help, janitors and the likes.

For the common man, racism and abuse is an accepted part, a pain that they will have to bear in this lifetime because of the color that they wear.

So what’s the difference in the East? Nothing much really.

In most countries, the majorities ruled and continue to rule with iron fists and dissent is considered anti-state. Be it a banana republic like Pakistan where an anti-Islam social media post can lead to blasphemy, even death or Saudi Arabia where women will get sentenced for driving cars or China where digital controls are considered as necessary state tools to keep the people in check and where the state can decide what names you may not give to your child if they do not like your religion.

Alas the ‘good days’, called ‘Acche din’ in India, are coming to even liberal, secular, all accepting societies like India, Indonesia, Philippines.

Take for example, India. The case is similar to the West but only the context needs to be changed.

In the India of today, transformed drastically in the last three years, replace White with Hindus or better still with Hindus who blindly follow the ideology of the ruling party, popularly referred to as ‘Bhakhts’. Replace the colored people to the minorities be it the Muslims or beef-eaters of any kind (imagine even eating habits can make you an object of hate, nay one who needs to fear for life) or the dissenters against the state’s new whims and fancies. And lo! You have the magic potion ready for hate.

Muslims who have lived in India for many centuries are being called as outsiders who should leave the land. They are being beaten, abused and shunned from communities. From neighborhoods where they have spent their entire lives and beyond which they know of no horizons to leap to.

And this is not happening only in communally sensitive areas. The snake has bitten all and sundry.

In the sleepy, easy going hill station of Mussoorie in Northern India, shopkeepers have taken out a local order, a ‘Hindu fatwa’ that all the Kashmiri Muslims will have to close shops, vacate and leave that town latest by February 2018. Just imagine this is happening to Indians in India, not in a war zone like Kashmir but in a peaceful community like Mussoorie. Just because three children supposedly cheered a Pakistani cricket victory? The community leaders of Mussoorie call all Kashmiri Muslims, as security threats to their area? And the state is a silent spectator. Rather the state is a supporter of this action by choosing to remain silent and not acting against such state sponsored Hindu goons creating animosity and hate among Indians.

What shocked me beyond words was to see that one of my friends whom I consider as family and who lives continents away and yet belongs to the same place seems to accept and like such an action of these Hindu businessmen turned goons against their own nationals. How could a reasonable man with wisdom and understanding, not be able to say speak out against people causing dissent and hate? How can anyone justify such an action which breaks the basic fiber of the civilized society and leaves families in distress just because they belonged to a region or a religion? How can an immigrant to a nation like Canada who expects equality for himself and his family from the White majority support hateful actions to minorities back home in his own country just because of their local status?

If cheering for Pakistan and being happy to see that they won a cricket match is anti-national than I too am anti-national because I also wanted Pakistan to win in the finals. Just because they had reversed track and shown a great strength of character after their defeat at India’s hand in their first match.

Also because of the way Indians abused Pakistan and Pakistani cricketers on social media and portrayed as if they were some superior force over Pakistan just because they were Indians. I disliked that supposedly superior nationalist over confidence just because we were Indians and felt that it was time for a lesson in humility and in respecting your adversaries as fellow humans. This was a game and only the best team on the day with character should have won and that is what happened.

But how does a game of cricket become a decider for nationalism? How does eating beef makes a person anti-Indian? How does an act of dissent, be it of speaking against demonetization, or speaking against the climate of hate being generated, or even speaking against pseudo-culture protectors make people anti-national?
To my mind, it is the goons who are creating a divide in societies like Mussoorie and Mississauga who are anti-national. It is the government that remains silent when such actions happen or when a person is lynched or butchered in the name of protecting cow that is anti-national. It is the police officer who left the hospital of Mississauga without reporting a dirty hate crime or tens of them who left people like me in distress when we reported racial hate crimes who are anti-national. It is the vast majority of Indians who are breaking their own Hindustan by supporting the aggressive, non-accepting Hindutava who are anti-national.

For the new world of digital liberation and industrial advancement had to become a global village and not turn into cultural, economic and social ghettos by the powers unleashed by social media.

‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ or the universal brotherhood was the very idea that built the civilized world. Its time societies stand to protect that basic ethos.

Posted in Times of India on 23rd June 2017. Link below-


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