Dev Vani- You tube

Dev-vani- Voice of Devanshu is now available on You tube.

Herein you can hear my thoughts on various issues connected with our day to day lives. I do not belong to any political party, caste, class or religion and speak as I perceive the truth to be. Maybe my views may assist you in getting another perspective to life as seen from the eyes of a common man, a gypsy, a free bird who flies in the horizon never getting entangled in any roots.

You can also hear some of my poems, blogs and stories which may at times touch you as a breeze of fresh air or sometimes make you ponder.

You can also watch some of the videos made by me or the ones where I acted and hopefully they will entertain you in times to come.

Join me in a journey filled with happiness, content and creativity. Listen to your soul and  hopefully you will also like the voice of Dev- Dev vani.

Copy the link below and open it with a new tab, subscribe to the channel and let’s walk together-


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