The Modern Man

For hundreds of years mankind has carried the burden of old religions and scriptures. They have been eulogized as the true learning and the only path to reach the realms of a believed God entity by the believers of that religion. At the same time they have been ridiculed and considered false by non-believers or followers of another religion.

Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Jews, all have taken pride in their identity and their religious ways and their respective leaders have ensured that their religious space stands protected at all times from the infiltrators.

On the other side, even the atheists have stood their ground and have taken greater pleasure in ridiculing the believers and in protecting their perceived ego of being intellectually superior.

Somewhere in this chaos, continuing for centuries, the modern man is lost or yet to be born.

But today I see him in a distant alley, trying to hide himself while watching herds of blind men and woman carried in different directions by the leaders of their societies, sects and religions, carrying the burden of tons of garbage loaded on their heads by their masters. I see him afraid of telling those people that the day has begun and that there is the light of science and knowledge and that they are not blind and that they can open their eyes.

Alas, I realize that he is afraid of being alone and fears that his word would be lost in the din and that the blind men who have only seen through the eyes of the master will never accept that they have their own eyes. It is easier to be led than to make your own path. It is easier to follow than to walk alone.

Yet, I wait for the modern man to shed all his fears and speak out.

Let the modern man come out and make a new religion. A religion which is not demarcated by narrow boundaries of specified prophets or scriptures or traditions! A religion which allows an amalgamation of science and spirituality and allows him to understand the reasons of the fragrance of a rose and at the same time enjoy its beauty! A religion, where humans, animals, birds, trees, insects, all are treated as souls who have their own journeys to tread and are no longer treated as lower or higher life forms and yet are governed by the natural laws of the nature including the fight for existence!

Oh I can see the modern man emerging from the shadows and standing tall in the light of truth and knowledge! And lo! He speaks-

“Oh friends and fellow earthlings,

You are free. Free. Free. Free.

Free from all the bondages of the past and all the burdens that you carry. You are not defined by any boundaries and can look at each other as one! You do not need to hate anyone else who does not follow your scriptures! You do not need to take pride in following old traditions that deep down you yourself doubt! You need not look for anyone to redeem yourself but can start believing in your own capabilities!

Stop. Relax. Open your eyes. Unleash yourself and remove your bondage. And please put down that load that you carry for centuries on your head. Now, that’s great!

Feel the lightness!

Now that you are free and have no religious boundaries, you are childlike again. You now have no society dictated norms on your head for interacting with others in a separate way. You can go to a park or ride on a Metro and mingle with people again. You can play with them, laugh with them and smile at them without any worries.

You can start loving again!

Science has proven that we all are made of similar material. We all shed same blood, we all have similar needs. Our skin colors may vary and we may be less or more hairy depending on climatic conditions and yet we are one. Even other souls in animals, birds, insect exhibit many similar traits. Look at how a mother animal sorrows when she sees her child dying or killed in her presence! The grief is universal. The love too is universal.

Science has also shrunk boundaries and made this world a global village. Where thousands of miles of distances are now measured in terms of hours and minutes! Where you may travel between Delhi and Lahore in nine hours (considering no stoppages at the Wagah border) and at the same time reach London from Delhi too in the same time!

And just by a change of geography, our relationships change. We can spew as much venom and hate at each other while sitting in Delhi and Lahore but when we live in the same communities in the streets of London, we are one. The brown, desis with similar cultural background! Same beats, music and tastes!

Likewise the world over! Differences of religion, cultures, regions, custom all have melted away with the ease of travel and with development of opportunities and spaces worldwide where the world intermingles. Go to a Google community in California or traverse the downtown of Toronto or enjoy shopping at Tshim Tsa Tsui in Hong Kong and you would immediately accept that in a free world, we all are one!

My friend, open your eyes and see. There is so much to learn and improve together. There is so much love in this world that there is no time to hate. There is so much to create that there is no time to argue about the existence of the Creator or his accepted differences as prescribed in the past.

What is important is this new world. Our today! This moment and our future and how to make it better! The past is dead. I live in present and I plan for the future.

Stop. Hug me. Let me feel your warmth and share my happiness with you. And then we can journey together and make this world a much happier one!”

With tears of joy, I hear the words of the modern man and join his journey.

One step at a time, one man at a time, I know our caravan will build. Amen!


Posted in Times of India on 25th August 2018. Link below-


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