The ‘Great’ leader


In the next century when the history of India in the twenty-first century will be written, the first few chapters would be dedicated to a man who rose from the fringe, both real in terms of where he stood in the political landscape as well as the ideology that he represented and unleashed one of the biggest wave of hatred and angst to divide India and bring it down to his knees just to realize his dreams of becoming a giant emperor who ruled India. India was always a land of idol worship and made Gods out of ordinary humans, even animals, reptiles, birds and fishes. He was to be their new God, their new source of blind worship or ‘Bhakthi’ which defied all logic and they started accepting his every act of hatred or economic stupidity or jingoistic nationalism as the act of God.

The great leader who ‘restored’ the pride of millions of people in their religion and ‘taught’ the minorities of how to ‘behave’ in a country lest they be thrown away to a nearby fanatic nation!

The great leader whose first major act of governance earlier as a regional leader was to manage one of the deadliest pogroms of twenty-first century which killed thousands of people of a specific community while the state either supported the act or stood as blind spectator! Since thereafter he became greater, his vile too grew leaps and bounds.

The great leader who remained silent, nay clandestinely supported the goons, every time they rose from the ranks of the majority right wing fringe and abused, lynched and murdered humans in the name of protecting an animal or their ideology!

The great leader who was a visionary economist (in his great mind) and single handily with his divine wisdom which defied economic sensibilities, one night decided to bring the entire nation to ground. That cruel November night of 2016 when demonetisation was unleashed, India once again realized how a narcissist can bring absolute misery to all and sundry, put immediate breaks on a nation’s development and growth story and take its economy back years if not decades, lead to thousands and thousands losing their ability to earn a decent meal for their families and even deaths of the vulnerable.

The great leader who believed in bringing a bullet train to India because of how he was fascinated with it in his regular visits to the first world, while the basic infrastructure crumbled in the very railway stations that were to be used by his favorite toy and people died on collapsing bridges.

The great leader who spent  thousands of millions of Rupees on promoting himself everywhere in billboards, newspapers, visual and social media or in building giant statues of past leaders in whose stature he wanted the people to rate him while the gap between the haves and the have-nots further widened in India and hunger and poverty remained rampant.

The great leader who brought the world almost to the brink of a nuclear war only to satisfy his bloated ego and is still using the benefits of that or the death of fallen soldiers as part of his election strategy to win. Imagine asking people to vote for him in the name of people who died protecting the nation. There are limitless depths to which this man can fall in order to remain in power!

I could go on and on and the stories of the great leader will fill up reams of paper and yet carry no meaning for the masses. They are Bhakhts and blind ones at that and every act of his would carry profound meaning to them.

But here’s the thing. Just imagine that up until now, I have not named the great leader even though he is omnipresent in India. People who have resisted have been abused, declared anti-national and asked to leave India or declared anti-Hindu and declared social outfits, or even out rightly beaten blue or killed. I personally have on many occasions been asked by Indian national media to not use his name when I speak against the Holy Highness as not only is he the official leader of the nation but perhaps the reigning deity too.

India today is facing one of the darkest divisive times of its existence and also a period of absolute thought control. It is dangerous to speak against the acts of government or the majority religion in public or in private. It is dangerous to speak out. Period!

It is wrong to be secular, to be liberal, to believe in humanity and the common good, to treat humans above animals and not bother about the eating habits of each other, to accept differences and to respect them, to be an island and stand on your own than follow the masses, to think, to speak freely, to dissent, to……

There is so much thought control that there is no need for a ban any more. There is absolute censorship without any need to make it official. Even intellectuals and thinkers have stopped speaking out. Unlike America where a Trump faces regular resistance from media and people of all hue ‘n’ cry, in India the media like the nation is under siege. The same is through fear or just financial pressures.

More than the great leader himself, it is the people that disappoint me. Or his party that I respected a lot all through my living life before it capitulated to his Highness and thereafter was ruled by him and his goons and totally aligned itself to his absolute fringe ideology.

Sadly as I write this at a time the nation decides again to elect its new leader, the chances of the great leader returning to power are high. It is being spread that there is no alternative including his main opponent who is mocked as a child even though he is close to his fifties, has made his party rise from the ashes of 2014 and given it a new life and looks more like a leader the nation desires.

Indians the choice is yours.

While the world advances in leaps and bounds, do you still want to talk about Ali and Bajrangbali?

While the world builds driver-less cars and roads to carry them or hyper loops do you still wish to focus on building temples and statutes?

While the world is turning more accepting and has realized the power of building diverse communities, do you still want to further divide yourself in the name of religion, caste or creed?

When you look at a cancerous part of body, you do not keep it because there is no alternative to that part. You remove it before it destroys the body any further so that the soul can live freely.

Hinduism is all about love and acceptance. Hindustan has showed that for centuries and there is no reason that the story of a modern India should be any different.

Aberrations happen in history and so was this period. It is time to move on, dump hate, dump divisiveness and dump the great leader, nay dictator. And yes I will not be afraid to name him.

It is time to dump MODI.

Give India a chance to live freely and love freely.  Give a better world to our children. Amen.

Posted in Times of India on 11th April 2019. Link below-



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