When they killed us




They came for me with their machetes,

Their guns, pistols, swords and daggers,

As ferocious dogs in a mob chanting names of Gods,

Or as cowardly shadows that emerged from the dark;


They came for me to shut me down,

To follow their irrational thoughts and come around,

To adhere to their religious, class or political might

And mute my voice and surrender without a fight;


They came for me and I stood up and died,

As Ikhlaq, Pehlu, Tarbez and tens alike,

As Dabholkar, Pansare , Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh,

As Urban-naxal, truth-seeker or a commoner ready for his fate;


Ahoy! It was time for establishing the hold,

For rewriting history and thought control,

For muzzling the media with pots of gold,

For dividing the nation one had to be brute and bold;


They were not done and now my words will stand expunge and die,

As history is rewritten, over Gandhi Godse will rise,

With seculars made sickulars and liberals-libtards,

It’s no time before the Right will make wrong the new right;


Oh fascist, Great leader! Who floats in the cloud,

Dig me much deeper, from soil will I sprout,

Your hate will boil over and our love will survive,

And darkness will end when truth shines its light;


I write, I fight, I live for the day,

When class, religion, caste will not define our clay,

When love and acceptance will be the norm of the day,

For thee, my country, I seek that day!


(Words which came from the heart. Words which are required to resonate in the world in such difficult times. If you believe them, please follow the link below and vote for these words to be read at NCPA, Mumbai, India in November 2019. This is not about participating or winning in any literature event but giving a platform to resistance at an important forum. Please click the link below and type in – When they killed us  in search and vote, IF you like and believe in them and believe in millions who are being stifled by the tyrants and dictators of the world.-

http://www.tatalitlive.in/mystory2019/   (type when they kill us in search)

entry number is https://embedded.wishpondpages.com/lp/2474703/entries/184398063



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