Farmers’ struggle

In order to benefit the corporates and the rich friends of Modi government, three draconian and dark laws were passed in late 2020 which would crush the farmers of India completely in times to come and repress their voice.

The farmers are agitating in India and are supported worldwide by people who stand for the downtrodden especially the ones which are being repressed by dictatorial forces like the ones which are ruling India currently.

It is my strong belief that we must stand in support of our farmers and speak out at all forums to register our protest. Also it is important to make people understand WHY we are fighting and what would be the effect of these laws.

In a series of talks as well as a speaker in various panel discussions, I have been raising my voice in support of farmers at various forums since the time the issue was raised.

First on 6th December 2020, I spoke out in an event organized by Creative Initiative community (CIC) in Toronto and the audio recording of the same can be listened by clicking below or here-

Then on 31st January 2021, in a subsequent event organized by CIC Toronto, I spoke again and the audio for the same can be listened by clicking below or here-

Later on 3rd February 2021, I participated in a panel discussion organized by Mr. Arif Jahanigiri of Toronto 360 TV in his popular program- Community Talk. The panelists were Prof J S Kahlon, Dr. Nadvi, Mr. Jotvinder Sodhi and myself. An excerpt of the same with my views can be watched by clicking on the link below or here-

This is an ongoing struggle and we must fight and speak out and help our farmers in whatever way possible.

Hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Till then, the struggle continues and we will keep on fighting!.


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