Disha Ravi

It is a sign of how low trust in Indian political system, the Police, the administration and even the Justice system has fallen that the bail of Disha Ravi is to be considered as a ‘Victory’ by us.

That the Honorable Justice did not fall to the whims and fancies of the master but stuck to the law, plain facts and above all, his courage and conviction, is commendable in today’s dark times.I thank him for calling the bluff of Police, administration and hundreds and thousands of BJP sympathizers, ministers, MLAs, Bhakhts and plain mafia supporters who called Disha names including anti-national, Khalistani sympathizer, characterless single Mom, the list is endless. One minister even shouted aloud for her head.

I am deeply ashamed to have ever believed in BJP at one point of time in my life and am amazed at the depths to which a party and a system can fall.

Last but not the least, Bravo Disha and may your tribe increase!Your war cry in the court that if speaking for farmers is sedition then you are better off in jail, speaks volume of your character and determination to your true cause. You have shown what an educated and considerate youth can do and in these times, when the oldies have gone silent or have bent on their feet in front of your Hindutava masters, only you can show the light.

March on Disha and hopefully I can live and die in peace considering that there are more Ravi’s who can show the ‘True Disha’ to India in times to come.


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