The greatest joy parents can have is to have a son who shines like Sun everyday in their lives.

Thank you Pranshuman for living up to the real meaning of your name- “The man with first ray of light”.

You completed our lives and have brought immense peace, happiness and calm in our lives and we will be immensely grateful to you for your pure love.

Everyone who meets you feels your Zen like aura and calm and loves the happy moments that you bring to their lives.

Happy 26th birthday Pranshuman and we look forward to looking up to you with pride and happiness for the rest of our lives.


Simba, Charlie, Ira, Priya, Siddharth, Ritu, Devanshu and Dadi.

Also here’s a poem I wrote for you 15+ years back (hope that you can read Hindi as well as you speak it) and my emotions run high as ever.

And yes, I still love Ira more!


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