City Hall : Fall from grace

On June 24th 2022, I was one of the candidates for the nomination process to select an interim councillor in place of Michael Ford for the remainder of his term as councillor for Ward One, Etobicoke North i.e. up until November 14th 2022.

I believed in the process and in Canadian democracy and felt that it was an important opportunity to connect with people and provide excellent service to the residents of ward one over the next four months and also use my skills, expertise and experience to provide valuable inputs in various council meetings.

The following is an excerpt of my presentation at the city hall on June 24th 2022-

Also below is the link to the entire meeting which can enable the reader/viewer to judge for themselves, my presentation vis a vis other candidates-

However my presentation and that of others except one amounted to nothing. Not because that the chosen one was the best among the lot but because the chosen one was PRE-DECIDED as the selected candidate by the Mayor and the council based on the recommendation of the outgoing councillor Michael Ford as confirmed by their spokesperson and a councillor himself.

Unfortunately the candidate was found to be hateful towards a certain section of our communities and that is how the story broke out through a brilliant piece of investigative journalism by a local journalist who exposed her past views. Within hours she had to resign. The entire story and its coverage can be read and viewed on the links below to various websites including that of Toronto Star, CP 24, CTV Toronto, Global news-

Toronto Star story-

CP 24-

Global news-

I am deeply disappointed at the fact that there the ex-councillor declared such a candidate as his friend and nominee and that she would have continued to be our councillor if this was no exposed by a media story.

I am equally disappointed at the process itself and the City Hall, Mayor and the council. If the Mayor and the council were to go purely on the basis of the recommendations of the ex-councillor then why organize a sham of an election and give hopes to the ordinary citizens that they too have the opportunity to participate in the political process and server their city? And why do laws exist to ensure that the council chooses the BEST PERSON and not the BEST BUDDY of a previous councillor or friends of Mayor and the council?

The rot is deep and disturbing.

Oh Toronto, I cry for thee!


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