Power brokers

Yet again as an ordinary citizen I realized the impossibility of dream of a clean and healthy political environment.

Yet again I took part in the sham organized by the City hall of “selecting” a candidate for the interim councillor of Etobicoke North by “calling” for nominations from ordinary citizens, allowing them to speak and then “electing” the best candidate.

My speech detailed below got a great response from the other candidates with almost everyone appreciating and calling it the best of the day-

Yet the candidate selected was Rose Milczyn, a former city official, the wife of an ex-councillor, ex-MPP and a current political lobbyist including for the City hall. The decision had the stamp of approval of John Tory and the entire council written all over it and was clearly pre-decided as the previous time.

The die is pre-cast against average citizens and it is all about power control and power sharing between the handful.

And then we expect change and better politics…..


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