Message of inclsiveness

An address given by Devanshu Narang to the members of a group Bharat Club on 15th November 2022 is being posted here both as a video as well as a message in prose-

An open letter to Indo-Canadians

Hello friends

First of all I would like to compliment you on coming forward to stand up to divisive elements in our society like the Khalistanis who have run a vicious campaign by using tools like Hindu phobia to start a full blown propaganda war. Your firm resolve and willingness to join a movement like Bharat club where we stand together for inclusiveness and unity in the community will go a long way in changing the narrative.

However before we go forward one final time we need to address the events of the last few days which have caused confusion in the community so that we can lay the ghost to rest and move ahead. This will be the last time I would touch on this issue and while I speak to you directly as a friend recommended, I am reading from this open letter so as to ensure that I can go through my chain of thoughts.

We had made all efforts to keep diverse views on Indian politics, parties and people out of Bharat club as our mandate was clear to FOCUS on Canada and stand up to divisive forces.

We had also continuously tried to ensure that our FOCUS remains on inclusivity in the group.

That never meant that as an admin and a founder of the group, I was trying to hide my personal views in any which way. My views on Canadian, world and Indian politics and a few events which affected me deeply were documented on my website as well as on various social media posts, none of which were deleted when I came in front of people. It is another matter that they were not in line with a section of PIO/NRIs.

On 12th November, Saturday night a melee was created in what’s app group with accusations towards me. As an admin, I did NOT delete any such post as they were personally directed toward me and it was a matter of integrity to ensure that everyone had the chance to voice their opinion.

For a few hours I could not respond to any such responses in the group as I was first busy discussing the power point presentation that I had prepared for the meeting planned ahead and later in a meeting with a group of people, answering each and every question they raised over my past posts, comments and tweets. Over the next one to one and half hours, that session continued while comments of hate, unanswered from me, appeared one after another in the group.

While the muddle was being created and my beliefs questioned, one of the admins tried to remove me from the group and also posted false and hurting allegations about my future financial conduct. To any honest man this is deeply hurting.

Yes it is right that I had removed people as admin at that time for only ONE reason- to ensure that no hate or accusation is directed towards them and if at all, I face the responsibility for my views as the others did not subscribe to them. Later after the meeting when I understood the thought process and also saw how an attempt was made to remove me, it became all the more important to not add anyone back as an admin for some time to protect the cause of Bharat Club.

My acts have been called dictatorial. My continuous deleting of posts of Indian politics or politicians or anything to promote or speak against any religion has been declared as an attempt to push my own perception. 

It was not dictatorial but an attempt to ensure that the cause of INCLUSIVITY is protected in a movement like Bharat club at all times. Sometimes, one has to stand up as a rock to ferocious tides to protect what is dear and that is what I did.

We may be of Indian origin but we are CANADIANS now and we are here ONLY because our country has welcomed us and accepted us with all our diversity, color and religious beliefs. We should be a standing example of inclusiveness to our fellow Indian friends than supporting any religious divisions being created there.

If I deleted any posts of Indian politics or politicians or about religions, I NEVER posted any of my own views here. Also NO SCREENSHOTS or part edits should be used to understand a person as the underlined content must be understood.

As for finance, by now everyone would be CLEARLY AWARE that Bharat club and Devanshu Narang will NEVER keep a single cent of any person which is not directed towards the cause.

Also my belief in the cause is TOTAL and that is why despite some offensive words written for me in that post itself, I myself shared the post of a group formed to invite people to another group.

I had been talking to many people who had stood up to Khalistanis in the past and was lucky to have connected with Mr Sukhi Chahal during this time and had invited him for the meeting on Sunday. Despite all this, I personally requested Mr. Chahal to guide us with his presence in the meeting on Sunday and connected him with the others it was important for Indo-Canadians to hear his views.

Lastly I was not personally present there in the meeting on Sunday as at such time it would have been a distraction for the cause. However I had clearly informed everyone that if needed to answer any queries for my views, I am ready to join with the shortest notice by zoom.

I am a Hindu, more of a rationalist who believes in the spiritual Hinduism which teaches me to regard all as one and equal. At the same time I have opposed and will continue to oppose any religious fringe which have come up in various religions, including Hinduism and use hate as a tool divide people.

I am definitely not a right wing supporter but that does NOT make me left wing. Perhaps more of a centre that holds firm!

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, my personal believes should NOT matter and even if I am a non-believer or a Sikh, Christian, Muslim, left, right or centre, we are all Indo-Canadians and are here for a cause.

This is Bharat club and here we will always be inclusive. Bharat club will always remain yours and a people’s movement of people who have had ENOUGH with leaders who look at us with their own myopic vision of being this or that.  At Bharat club we do not stand divided as Gujratis, Punjabis, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, BJP or Congress supporter but as people who believe in ONE BHARAT.

We just want to lead our normal, simple daily lives with peace and harmony.

I hope that all this clears all doubts and yet if anyone has any concern, please reach out to me DIRECTLY and not in this group as most just want to get on with the mandate and leave distractions behind. Yet to allow diverse views, for a day, I will keep the group open for discussion on this, if anyone still insists. But no abuses please and let us keep the discussion focused on ideas.

Bharat club will continue will continue to progress further with its mandate including in the What’s app group formed and NO other group or person can make a claim to it or call themselves in transition.  All are welcome to join or return back while accepting the mandate in letter and spirit.

It is time to RETURN back to our focus on standing up to divisive forces.

On 18th September, there was one who stood up to Khalistanis and on 6th November, there were 200 plus of us who did that with grace, conviction and firmness. Next time Khalistanis will think twice and also know for sure that Indo-Canadians will stand TOGETHER to call their bluff.

Best regards

Devanshu Narang


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