29th January ’23, Sunday 1 pm: Pearson Conv centre, Brampton

Khalistanis have used Panorama as an event to spread their anti-India hateful agenda for years.

Punjab including all its citizens, Sikhs and Hindus have rejected this divisive thought three decades back and are fiercely proud Indians.

Only a few Khalistani miscreants in North America use the anti-India narrative as a tool for power and money and misguide innocent Sikh brothers and especially youth who are not even aware how the REAL PUNJABIS live happily together in India.


It’s time to show them that the Indo-Canadians will NOT ALLOW them to spread hate and that we will face them BOLDLY, peacefully and firmly whenever they attempt to divide us.

For the Khalistanis it is just another day in their business of hate.

For us, it is our passion and love for Bharat Mata, our mother.

So please come out in large numbers and stand in support of India OUTSIDE Pearson convention centre, Brampton on 29th January Sunday at 1 pm (the exact coordinates will be shared close to the event but we WILL BE THERE. Call or message-437 262 9047)

This is a day to honor the Republic of India and even if you are going for the main Panorama event with your friends and families, FIRST come out and support INDIA outside. Then step inside and celebrate your joy and success. Your children will remember this day and take real pride in their Indian heritage.

Please bring your India flags, signs, musical instruments and PASSION.



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