Dark times

The crawling of the Indian intellect in front of the Hindutava right wing when asked to bend is a now BEYOND a matter of shame but a national crime. By removing the chapters of the Mughal period from textbooks, by removing the portion that Godse was a Hindutava extremist and by removing the reference to Mahatma Gandhi’s deep focus on Hindu-Muslim unity, the RSS/BJP have made their Muslim hate officially stamped on the minds of our future generations.

If the BJP/RSS have NOT modified the Indian constitution and declared India a Hindu rashtra from being a secular nation as yet, then it is ONLY because of the outrage that they will face from the entire world and NOT because they do not intend to.

The time is not far when a Modi/Yogi or their more aggressive successor will declare that.

India is in deep woods, not because of the HATE of such Hindutava zealots BUT because of the silence of the lambs and the intellect who have given their stamp of approval to a Godse over Gandhi.

Absolute shame.

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