Canada Votes!

voteIn just three days, on October 19th, Canadians vote in a crucial vote to decide whether to give Stephen Harper and his Conservative party, another chance to continue with their divisive politics which has dealt a major blow to the Canadian image.
The grant of citizenship, which gave all Canadians the right to be ‘ONE’, irrespective of their religion, class, creed, color , heritage or culture, regions where they came from or languages that they spoke, has been permanently and ‘lawfully’ been divided into two categories by Harper’s government by enacting two divisive bills which became law, Bill C-24, the New Citizenship Law and Bill C-51, the Anti terrorism law.
So if you are a ‘dual citizen’ or even if you can be labelled as one just because your country of birth or that of your parents gives you a right to be one unintentionally, beware! If the government considers your acts as ‘high treason’ even if it was as minor as making errors in your citizenship application, you can be thrown out of Canada by any government official.
And under C-51, your right to protest also gets restricted as the government decides on what is good and what is bad for the nation!
In the name of curtailing planned terrorist activities by a handful of people, Harper has shown his true colors and has enhanced his anti immigrant, anti Muslim agenda to greater heights.
And when the time came to reap the benefits of Harper’s ‘Jihad’ against the colored immigrants or even anyone on earth who could be linked to Islam, Harper left no stone unturned.
In debate after debate, he portrayed Niqab wearing women as perhaps the most potent weapon threatening the existence of Canada, even though their actual numbers cannot be even counted as an aberration in the country. That’s when even Supreme court of Canada rebuked his government for their acts and allowed a lady to take her oath of citizenship while wearing Niqab, recognizing clearly that religious beliefs and traditions need not make a person less Canadian than others.
In order to ensure that his support base clearly got his message of whom he actually represents and aligns with, ‘Sheppard’ Harper boldly declared that his herd is divided into two parts, the ‘Old stock Canadians’ and the ‘New stock Canadians’, confirming what he intended and ensuring that the division is permanent and here to stay!
In one stroke, he let the entire world know that it is the ‘Old stock Canadians’ read the First Class Canadians or Caucasians or Whites for whom the bell tolls in Canada while the ‘New stock Canadians’ read the Second Class citizens or colored, need to clearly understand that their view may ‘also’ be considered if found ‘appropriate’ by their masters.
His agenda is so pervert and ugly that it stinks!
Thankfully the majority of Canadians do not accept his views or that of his cronies.
That is why a Mississauga Mayor would stand by her Muslim residents and support their request to get another place of worship built in her city and not apologise for calling a spade a spade and labelling racist anti Islam xenophobia as one!
That is why, in a catholic school in a culturally conservative society with close to 99% ‘Old stock Canadians’, two students ‘voted’ to be the best and representing and speaking at the graduation ceremony on behalf of the entire student fraternity can happen to be of Indian origin!
That is why, in various opinion polls, it is evident that Canadians are seeing through Harper’s game plan and are planning to reject him to ensure that Canada regains its inclusive identity!
But can these opinion polls be translated into an actual win against Harper and his policies?
History has proven that Conservative vote bank of hardliners is a committed force which WILL come out to vote on the election day while most other Canadians keep their good intentions to themselves and do not ‘find’ time to exercise their right. Especially the ‘New stock Canadians’ in Harper’s terminology, the new immigrants who are naive enough to feel that they can trust their respective Gods to take care of things rather than acting on their own, at least on ‘HIS’ behalf !
And Harper has enough last minute tricks up his sleeve to further confuse his rivals which we need to beware of! Like the phone scam which was carried out just days before the last election by his cronies to ensure that ‘certain’ voters are directed to the wrong polling stations, lest they cause him harm by exercising their right to vote!
Friends, Canadians, Countrymen!
Let us VOTE on 19th October and take things in our hand!
Let us VOTE and say YES to an inclusive Canada, to a Canada which pierces the cold bodies made colder by the forces of nature to touch and draw energy from the warmth of the soul inside!
Let us VOTE Liberal, NDP or any other winning candidate who can be counted as the last man standing against Harper’s conservatives and ensure that this is a POSITIVE vote for a Canada which existed almost a decade back and where we see our future again!
The judgement day is here and let us all remember that there is a greater God, one who does not differentiate between his children, one who treats them as his own and one who only has one religion, the religion of Humanity!
It’s time we see through the Devil and align ourselves to the true God and work with him to build an inclusive, vibrant, humane Canada of our dreams!
Posted in Times of India on October 16th. Link below


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