Canada: Back to the future!

In the last few days, I have tried everything to try and bring myself down from the clouds that I tread. But this heady feeling is not going away. I am on a real high and it’s definitely not because of the expectations that pot may just be legal in Canada anytime! Never really needed that stuff to feel good about life or forget the hardships.

But I am happy and am enjoying an extra bounce in my steps as for the first time after arriving in Canada, I am feeling accepted and welcome.

This Canadian election has been historic. It has not just led to the defeat of Stephen Harper and  his divisive politics but has also renewed our belief in the triumph of good over evil.

Stephen Harper

Harper tried every trick under the sun to divide Canada on religious and racist lines, to cater to the agenda of his vote bank of Right wing conservative hardliners and to deny anything which did not align with his thoughts- be it the reality of global warming or scientific research. He created an autocratic reign where a simple ‘Niqab’ worn by a miniscule, already scared section of his Muslim population, became the biggest “weapon of mass distraction” in this election.

After gaining majority for the first time in the last elections caused due to the multi party political structure of Canadian politics than by mass support for his agenda, he had worked hard to ruthlessly cut Canadian hearts into pieces. He brought laws to take away the pride and joy of being citizens of Canada for many new citizens and in one stroke made second class citizens out of millions. He portrayed ordinary citizens as terrorists and brought unnecessary laws to scare them, all in the pretext of showing to his vote bank that he was tough against the Islamic forces.

But he got one thing wrong. Big time! He thought that Canadians will be fools and would not be able to see through his agenda!  Alas, he had crossed limits. Ordinary citizens from amongst the downtrodden, silent minority rose and fellow Canadians empathised with their pain and decided enough is enough.

People came out and spoke! Some loudly, some in silent whispers and some communicated with their silent, moist eyes. It was time to act and act, we did.

Even this writer who despises politicians and religious leaders and would never like to get involved with anything political, decided to come out in open and tried to reach out to as many people as possible to show to them the quantum of destruction caused by Harper’s politics. It was laughable for me when some of my friends asked me as to which party I had joined. And what was in this for me?

Like me, the purpose of many Canadians who stood up was to ensure that Canada is protected and returns to the path of inclusiveness and acceptance to which it had decided to tread, 44 years earlier. A path where Canada showed the world to treat everyone as equal and be welcome irrespective of their faith, color or sexual orientation. Where humans could be just humans!

Justin Trudeau

This time, Canadians supported each other in trying to regain Canada back! This election was fought strategically to not allow Harper to return and Canadians ensured that.

This election is not the victory of Justin Trudeau. It cannot be. Such battles are not fought to support one general, howsoever attractive or young he may be.

People voted strategically to vote for the winning candidate against conservatives. National media carried enough stories of many ridings where the NDP supporters rejoiced and celebrated Liberal win. It is not that Liberals won. And it is not that Conservatives lost! This is a loss for Harper and his politics and not a win for Justin! And I do hope that Trudeau gets that message loud and clear, lest he also becomes another megalomaniac.  He needs to remember what Peter Parker’s uncle told him, “With greater power comes greater responsibilities!”

So what’s in it for us now. What all changes would Liberals bring to Canada? How fast will Canada turn around, economically, morally and ethically?

To me there is something more important why we fought this election. Around this time of the year, in India we celebrate a festival called “Vijaydashmi” which is the festival to mark the victory of ‘Ram’, representing the ‘common good’ over ‘Ravana’, the evil king!

‘Vijaydashmi’ is not celebrated because the days ahead were necessarily positive and enriching. It only signifies that the evil stands defeated and that justice finally prevails.

This election does not necessarily make Canada positive and great again. It only ensures the end of dark and evil forces. A hope that bad days are behind us and whether the good times return or not is uncertain but at least the worst is over.

This time, hopefully, we would have learnt our lessons and would not leave our nation with another set of politicians and go back to our old sleepy ways. We have won and have recovered our nation! It is our duty, my fellow citizens and residents to retain our activism and ensure that we are vigilant at all times and keep our eyes and ears open and dissent when required.

Remember ‘Ravana’ the evil God comes back to haunt the world year after year just because the people made “God” out of ‘Ram’ and left all governance to him. We will not let that happen.

It’s time, we keeps our checks in place and let Justin or any future leader know that we love watching the rainbow not just through the misty air that encompasses the beautiful Niagara Falls but would love to retain the colors of rainbow in Canadian society and would ourselves be the collective ‘Sun’ and pierce through the dark clouds always, to keep our Canada just that way.

” Sunny days “- We love it this way Justin!


Published/Posted in Times of India on 24th October 2014. Link below-


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