Jaya Jayalalitha


08jayalalithaa1If ever I would respect a politician despite their usual follies, it would be this intelligent, charming, iron lady who brought real change for her people. True there were dark shades of grey and you may be tempted to ignore her legacy while harping on them.

But when you look back at what she created and left behind for her people, what she went through and faced in the male dominated politics of Southern India, how she faced a Draupadi like ‘Cheer Haran’ in the legislature led by Karunanidhi and his goons, how she rose on her own strength after MGR’s death despite being a convent educated, aristocratic Brahmin in Dravidian politics; she leaves behind a life worth idolizing.

She was a lioness, a true symbol of not just Dravidian pride or woman power but of what a strong personality with iron will can achieve.


Jayalalitha a spirit like you can never rest in peace as you are destined to change the kingdom of Indra too and become the Bold and humane Indrani who would allow the down trodden to be welcomed there and would enable an EQUAL status for women in heaven than being left to fill spaces as Apsaras or Hoors.


Jayalalitha, more than your eternal beauty, I am in awe with your intelligence and spirit and respect that today.


You were both Ammu and Amma and lived both the roles well!

This void will be difficult to fill and Tamil Nadu would see a huge churning. And yet, you will be remembered for decades.

Jaya Jayalalitha!


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