Demon and Indians

This has become a horror story turning dark and gloomy day by day!

I don’t even need to add context to this as by now the Bhakhts know what I am talking about and would either skip the story and move on to the next or go straight down to the comments section and start their abusive rant.  Yet my dear friends, truth cannot be denied.

Enough has already been written about the pain that Indians are facing since India’ 9/11!

Enough is not enough and yet everything seems to be falling on deaf ears.

Every action-people losing jobs, going hungry, taking breaks from work, seeing their merchandise rotting, having no business to transact and building huge losses, slowing down of economy, undue harassment in unending lines even resulting in death……. Everything is being declared as required sacrifice in the religious ritual or ‘Havana’ to eradicate suffering.

‘Havana’ for what?

To eradicate corruption? But corruption is not getting away with this and the new hoards of currency being detected every day in new currency demonstrates clearly that this was just a reset and that the great Indian ‘Babu’ and ‘Neta’ is capable of scheming again to quest his insatiable hunger. For the information of Bhakhts still reading, it is the Great Leader’s party in power when these acts of which only a few may be reported, have started again.

To control terrorism? The argument is hollow enough to read and only the blind Bhakhts could suffice to that. The barrel of the gun understands no currency and has shown time and again that it is capable of sprouting out as and when it desires so long as manufactured reasons exist for vested interests.

To make India digital and cashless? But why do it in such a great hurry and without any proper preparation for a country which was among the least digital in the entire world with less than 2% transactions being done digitally?  It has become a miserable scam to benefit some digital companies and transferring, nay looting the wealth from the poor and adding it to the already loaded treasures of the rich and the powerful.

Sacrifice- That is the word being used to justify all this! And why should the common man sacrifice for the sins of politicians, government officers, unscrupulous businessmen and the powerful? What crime has been committed by us, the ordinary citizens that we should sacrifice? Just this that we trusted you with our money and allowed you to barter our hard work with a piece of paper to represent its value! A value which was declared as worthless by the Great leader in a second!

And now the Great leader who said just a few days back that he should be punished if things are not set right within fifty days has started asking for more time as he clearly knows that it is a disaster which has gone out of his hands. Every day he comes up with a new scheme to undertake a cover up and every day he fails. The WORDS OF THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MEAN NOTHING today.

‘I promise to pay the bearer’ is no longer trustworthy. Just a promise which can be easily broken by the Great leader!

People are suffering, economy is crushed, jobs are lost, the Indian government’s image has been tarnished for good in the International community and above all, there is no respite. Not for now, not in the next fifty days, not even in the next few months.

On top of that he has avoided dialogue and discussion on the issue completely. The Parliament of this country has been made a sham. He can only communicate in monologues outside as he knows that he has failed miserably and cannot answer the questions raised. Or face people.

No change cannot be delivered to a death bed. Change has no meaning to a hungry mouth. Change has no relevance to a man who has lost his earning potential due to a foolish act of his leader.

It is high time that Mr. Modi owns up to this fiasco and accepts his mistake. A true ‘fakir’ or even a true king would have no egos attached and would ask for forgiveness if he has caused pain and work to reconstruct from the debris that have been left behind. Even Ashoka did it when he realized his folly.

Mr. Modi it is time and even though you may not listen yet if you have any remorse over your acts in the last month then you must-

  • Accept your mistake in implementation and ask for forgiveness from the common man
  • Do not revise your stand and prolong the agony beyond fifty days but figure out ways even if that amounts to reusing the older currency if you cannot print faster the new one to ensure that the crisis gets over immediately.
  • Do not aim for immediate digitization but understand that the same takes time. Incentivize digitization but do not penalize cash. Remove limits for cash transactions at the earliest so that people can transact freely
  • Immediately deliver a sum of at least Rs.1000 per week in old or new currency to the poor people who may or may not have bank accounts for the number of weeks you have made them suffer. I know that the system is corrupt and that the entire money may not reach them and yet even if a portion reaches them, it would help the person who has lost enough. I know that this is not the best solution but in such times when people have suffered, some social security is required to instil a faith in the government
  • Start dialogue with various political parties, economists and agencies and bring transparency
  • Allow for a lower capital gain tax on real estate profit up to a sale value of Rupees ten million or less so that the real estate can become alive again and the common man does not get penalized. Understand that the salaried class was forced to convert their hard earned money into black due to the system and should not be penalized for succumbing to the vultures let lose by the system and its governance.
  • Remove limits of exchange for businesses and foreigners.
  • Provide some immediate subsidy or tax relief in this financial year to businessmen and corporate who do not let go people so that some of their losses are covered
  • Immediately provide a state relief to the people who have died due to this act

What is done cannot be undone. But it is time to atone for your act Mr Modi. Please empathize with the common man and his pain and take immediate measures before it is too late for India.

Indians have patience and understanding. Don’t test their limit. Please.

Posted in Times of India on 11th December 2016. Link below-



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