Na(u)rang: Nine shades of life

Na(u)rang: Nine shades of life

This is the title of my NEW book which is now ready and available for sale!

The nine emotions depicted in Indian dance form through various mudras are expressed in Naurang in English prose and Hindi poems by real and fictional life events. It throws light into our inner self, how we relate to life events and how we connect to our biggest assumption, God or God particle who we accept as our creator.

It is one of my finest creations and with all humility, I am deeply happy with the product that has emerged.

Now you can easily ORDER the book in India through any of the following channels-

Online available for DOWNLOAD in pdf (11 mb only) on Daily hunt at a nominal price-

In paper back at many places including-

Anuradha Prakashan-


The book is priced only at Rs. 225 in India and as a special case, Anuradha Prakashan is only supplying in India at Rs. 200 INCLUSIVE of shipping charges.

In CANADA & USA the price is $ 8.00 and while it will be available with Amazon shortly, as a special case, I could get it send it from a few books available there at a special price of just $ 5.00 plus shipping cost. You can let me know separately by the messenger the address and I can get the book sent right away from Toronto, Canada.

This is NOT a marketing attempt but information for people who wanted to know how to get their copy.

Happy reading.




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