GOD: The almighty

Since it is impossible to talk about the true state of India today without getting hit back by blocks, bans, abusive trolls, choicest abuses, even death threats and the worst of all, your own fearful thought control, this time I will not talk about India.  Let the neo-nationalists sing its praise.  Now that I am not writing about India, hopefully I am free and this article will not get censored.

I will therefore talk about another nation somewhere else and any resemblance to another nation which may arise in readers mind is purely coincidental.

In a not so distant past in a galaxy not-so far away, there is a nation called Sindhusthan which is inhabited by Sindhus the local residents. They are called Sindhus after the name of a river called Sindhu which now runs dry and which divided their land from the rest of the world in that planet. However these Sindhus are diverse people of different religions, color and creed. In the past, while they had differences, they resided together and followed the democratic way of governance.

However as it happens in any B grade movie, there were powerful forces which were dormant but hostile towards the very idea of universal brotherhood and wanted the dominance of the main tribe, Aryas and wanted to turn Sindhusthan into Aryavratt where the rule of Aryas could be established. They tried for many years by creating differences and hate, by making the majority Aryas feel that their beliefs and religion were the ONLY way their nation should be governed and that democracy should exist only on THEIR terms. They tried and tried for decades but never fully succeeded as Sindhus believed in living together despite differences. Until the day came when arose ‘Greatest of Dictators’ who hereafter in short we should refer to as GOD for ease of reference.

GOD knew that to transform Sindhusthan into Aryavratt , he had to first rule over the minds of the people. He had to make them believe in his powers and create a halo that will blind everyone’s sight. He had to create a larger than life image and let the masses believe that only he can bring true change and progress and restore the pride of Aryas in the world. And so he went about creating a façade of a true great leader, one who was selfless, a gypsy, a hermit and a sage whose only interest was in working for the TRUE residents of the land. He knew that this dream required large financial backing and he befriended the richest people of Sindhusthan and with their backing, bought over media and an army of blind supporters who went about changing the entire narrative of the nation besides brutally trolling and ridiculing any opposition. Within a short span, GOD came to power and began his rule over Sindhusthan.

After coming to power, GOD knew that the only thing coming in his way to gain ever lasting power was the crazy world order of democracy. Alas in that world in that galaxy, democracy was the established norm of governance and while there were forces that ruled nations at any point of time, in true democracies, dissent and opposition was also allowed and welcomed to enable diverse views and debate. Obviously GOD detested that and especially the crazy idea that anyone would question his majestic view. Or GOD forbid, consider it wrong!

GOD was obviously smart and cunning and like the great dictators of the past, knew fully well the ways to rule over both the elite and the masses. And he was there to prove in the world that he was the greatest dictator who ever treaded into the galaxy and would establish permanent power so that the world will believe in GOD and his ways for time immortal and would look up not just to him but even to his future “Avatars” or reincarnations when he goes out of action.

It did not take much time for GOD to establish his hold over all the pillars of governance and gain thought control. Whether it was government agencies, media, educational institutions, judicial system, Police, Military, entertainment, industry, financial institutions and regulatory authorities, within a short span GOD instilled his disciples everywhere and removed all dissenting voices.

Over time Sindhus started believing that anyone standing up to the great leader was UNGODLY and had to be crushed and called a devil, anti-national, traitor, terrorist and a threat to the nation. In a few years the new order was established and GOD’s way was the true way in Sindhusthan.

“Oh but my lord, there is a small hindrance- democracy and a new re-election is required!”  His supporter quipped as five years had passed and stupid rules called for unnecessarily going back to people.  GOD laughed. He knew that now the Sindhus believed in him as their true shepherd and the herd would follow where he would tread.  Election came and went and not only GOD regained his kingdom but also decimated his opposition nay devils and gained absolute control.

GOD knew that the time had arrived to turn a new leaf and establish Aryavratt, a land where his wish will be everyone’s command. He started working on his agenda immediately.

With the might of legislature, military, telecommunication and government control and by putting all opposing forces behind bars, he took total control over a portion of his land where the local residents had special powers based on the very process Sindhusthan was created. The people of that specific piece of land had merged into Sindhusthan based on a certain historic treaty but GOD did not believe in any written word or old treaties and the only thing that was important was to establish his common order. He enabled total control over that land through brute power and waited to see how Sindhus would react. They gave their seal of approval while dissenters turned fearful or were totally crushed. GOD laughed. He had found the way to establish his total order.

Next he went about demonising a specific minority community not just in words but through state enabled legislature and law and ensuring that the people of that community were made second rated citizen in Sindhusthan, their own land. After all only when the minorities became lesser citizens can the majority Aryas rule the land and Aryavratt established.  He got new laws written and then went ahead with their implementation. This time the minority community resisted and even some Aryas who believed in the true power of a secular Sindhusthan, supported their struggle.  The world too came out in support of the minority community and a total dissent worldwide was avoided only because Sindhusthan was recognized worldwide as a forceful power and GOD was its reigning deity.  GOD was shocked to see old non-descript women resisting him in large numbers and with the help of his disciples even tried to enable a communal strife to cause hate and division which would paint the minorities bad.  Alas despite blood bath which his disciples carried out in Sindhusthan’s prominent city, the acts backfired and there was rebuke worldwide. With total media control, while GOD continued to showcase his powerful image among the Sindhus, he had to quietly backtrack and go slow in the regulation of the new rule to follow the advice of other powerful nations on that planet.

It must be added that GOD did have some superpowers or was plain lucky and at this time of personal crisis for him, a pandemic stuck and GOD and his disciples immediately used that to disperse people and silence the voice of dissent lest he be forced to even backtrack in public in Sindhusthan itself.

GOD was a great dictator and a greater actor but lacked basic education and understanding of economy of Sindhusthan.  Moreover he could never agree to the idea that anyone else could be smarter than him or know more than him in any field of knowledge. After all he was GOD and others were lesser mortal. He ordained many ordinances based on his rustic thinking which crushed the economy of Sindhusthan and left it in tatters. And then the pandemic stuck. Sindhusthan stopped working completely and the economy collapsed. The financial backers of GOD started to feel the pain and while they still backed GOD, they stated to pressurize him to bring legislations that could benefit them and enable returns on high investments that they had made on GOD.

So while the nation was still recovering from the pandemic and the general public was focused on safeguarding themselves and their loved ones, GOD got into action. He seized the moment and with the help of his blind followers, brute force, threats and without allowing for any debate or dissent, got three laws passed in the federal legislature of Sindhusthan which would benefit his financial backers and friends while totally crushing the common masses who plough the land.

Alas GOD soon realized that he too had limitations. After all he was GOD, the greatest of dictators but not God himself.

This time the commoners decided to fight back. They came out in large numbers and offered resistance. GOD was angry and hurt. He asked his people to crush dissent. They created iron barricades, used water cannons, tear gassed innocent souls, beat people with sticks and even used hired goons to throw stones at women and old men. They created a massive media façade of the unrest being created by anti-nationals and Sindhusthan haters. They tried to divide people by trying to establish a separate false narrative that these protestors were being misled by devils and that GOD was only working for the benefit of the Sindhus and not for the benefit of his financial backers. Yet the protests continued and intensified and spread far and wide.

So much so, that they resonated in the minds of the people worldwide beyond Sindusthan. Popular and powerful people of that world started to offer their support to the protestors and GOD was in rage. He told his disciples to go FULL-ON with bullying and with crushing dissent.

He ordered popular media, entertainment and sports figures to show their support in print and visual media and to propagate a thought that no one but the Arya supporters had the right to speak about Sindhusthan.  Almost everyone followed his command some because they had already become blind supporters while others in fear of retribution. They went ballistic on their social media tools with their statements in support. Some even quoted GOD’s command verbatim.  Oh but that can naturally happen as there people don’t think when they instructed to follow!

He told his agencies to stop telecommunication services in many areas, stop the flow of information and create fake stories for external elements and agencies who were writing in support of distressed people! They followed his command and filled social media with distorted images of any and every person who rose in dissent with GOD.

GOD thought controlled his people, ruled over them with iron hand and now he felt that he had Godly super powers to do the same to the people worldwide.

In this nation in a galaxy not-so far away, all this occurred in a not-so distant time! Or perhaps is happening right now! Yet sitting far away, we who are aliens can only wonder how mortals can destroy nations and worlds and galaxies when they start believing that they are God.

This story is not complete and there is no end in sight. The fight between GOD and his own people called Devils by his disciples continues. His nation suffers and goes from one highly polarized state to another whenever GOD gets up on the wrong side of the bed and plans new legislation. Blessed be the soul of Tughlaq!

Will reason prevail and GOD let his ego go and do at least one Godly act to restore peace in the land?

Only time will tell.

Till then, the believers can pray to their respective Gods- Sindhus to their beloved GOD and the rest of the world to their own! Amen.

Posted in Times of India on 8th February 2021. Link below-



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