The God within

Does God exist?

Allah, God, Ishwar, Bhagwan, Omkar- Whatever you call him. Is he really there?

A friend posted this question on a social media site. Perhaps he was looking for answers or perhaps he was hoping for people to confirm to his belief.

However this made me thinking as to why when a large majority in the world believes in God and prays to him in his various names, would I not believe in the existence of such a creator who is supposed to be the all mighty, ever present, divine, never born, never died, sublime, eternal, merciful father? Is it my ego or foolishness or ignorance as people call it? Or am I such a sinful soul in human body that I am unable to see his shine or his love towards me?

I am called names besides the obvious one of being atheist and rebuked for my belief or the lack of it, with great glee and pride by almost everyone including even immediate family members. To not believe in God is next to sacrilege for religious people and I am surrounded by many among them in my family and friends.

Not that I never believed in God. In fact I had written poems and prose and used to chant mantras in his praise. I had read many scriptures including Gita, Sathyartha Prakash, Japji, Quran, Ramayana, even parts of Bible to try and come close to him. Two of the few Gurus that I have respected, Osho and Nanak do not shy from singing his praise at every given opportunity. So where did I lose the way? Or perhaps found mine.

This journey of finding one’s own light is beautifully summarized in Indian scriptures by the word “dvija” or the twice born. Every seeker who in his own perception or sometimes that of the world gets enlightened is considered twice born, once physically at the time of birth and the other spiritually when he sees the light.

As dvija, I stand peacefully at a place where I have no journeys of self-discovery to undertake, no God to seek and no nirvana or freedom from rebirth to strive for.

Does God exist?

Off course it does. In your mind! In your belief system! In your existence!

God as the creator is the greatest creation of the created itself.

In order to seek the reason for his own existence or that of this world, in order to give reason to the unexplainable, in order to develop bonds in society based on common belief system, love and fear, man created God and assigned all the unknowns and all the powers in the world to him.

Without having any shape or form or without anyone seeing him in person, he became the most powerful entity, a universal father and a judge of all actions. Anything that science could not explain then or even till date, was left to God and specifically referred to as “Act of God”!

Over the centuries, God has become the favorite retreat for everyone- good, bad and the ugly. From Saints to sinners, everyone can fall at his feet, seek mercy and come clean or derive strength.

People go for various religious trips from Amarnath to Kashi Peeth or Mecca or Jerusalem or Golden temple, visit God’s places of worship, carry out various rituals and prayers to please him and God takes good care of their lives. At times, since communities may have different Gods, humans could give their lives to protect their God and the God rewards them for protecting him and for killing other humans and souls who came to destroy his name, by opening the doors of heaven to him.

To my simple mind, God is the creation and not the creator. Man is the creator of this belief.

I have not seen any God, nor seek to see one. But I can feel the existence of my soul and see many more souls and I seek the soul. I have seen my father die in front of me while holding his hand. One moment he was my father, a living, breathing body in which the soul resided and the next moment when his soul was gone, that body was a piece of wood. Cold, barren, tired, old, to be returned back to the elements from where it came. It was not my father anymore. Among Hindus it is no longer referred to as the man he was but a body or “Shava”or “Parthiv sharir”. No more soul, no more human. A soul is what ignites the body, rests in it and keeps it warm till it is the time to end the journey of that life form.

I see soul everywhere. In humans, friends, family, animals, trees, plants, everywhere. These souls, whether they come from the elements themselves, or they are timeless and travel from one body form to the other is irrelevant! As long as I can connect to them in this lifeform which I can see, it is enough.

I do acts based on my own understanding of their goodliness and not with the intention of creating a “good act” balance to get a better after life or be in a better position on the doomsday. No more, no less. Period!

I am absolutely at peace with myself and have no God to please and no desire whatsoever to do any act to safeguard him from anyone nor any need to derive any strength by believing in him. So I get up in the morning and go to sleep in the night, without any burdens on my head of good or bad deeds. The existence itself is happiness enough.

If you still want me to define God then I am God. “Aham Brahmasmi”. You are God. The black cat that you see on the road and curse is God. The Mullah that you hate is God and the Kafir that you rebuke is God

Does God exist? Yes it does.

Every day a few cats used to come to my garden to say Hi to my son Ira, a soul in cat’s life form. We were happy to meet them and thanked them for their visit by feeding them. Now a family of skunks have also started visiting and may have started living in one of the sheds.

Last weekend I went inside the shed and made leaf beds there and prepared the area for them so that it is easier for them to face the harsh Canadian winter. I also went to every tree and shrub and put mulches around them thanking them for making the garden beautiful and also for adding joy to our lives. This is besides the cat houses that I am making for my son Ira’s friends for winter.

In the morning it gives me the greatest happiness to see empty bowls of food and water in the garden. Humans, Cats, mouse, dogs, birds, squirrels, skunks, trees, – I have enough God-souls to connect.

The socially popular God- I leave it to the world to live and die over!

Posted in Times of India on 28th October 2020. Link below-


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