I still remember 31st October 1984 with absolute clarity and how ordinary humans turned wild animals in just a few seconds.

I still remember hearing speeches and slogans at Rajpur Road, Dehradun from leaders and mob and how I was myself asked to pick up a stone to be thrown behind me at President hotel by one of my close relatives. It was to be a mark of respect to the departed leader and would SHOW that I too am prepared to take revenge.

I was 16 years old but developed cold feet and fortunately so, as I could not understand how the Sikh gentleman who owned that business was responsible for what had happened. Perhaps my education and family values held more firm at such time and thankfully have guided me till now.

However we all know how ordinary men turned into vicious mob and with the support of corrupt political and religious leaders carried out one of the MOST VICIOUS RIOTS of human history.Unfortunately Indians did not learn from their past as to how they faced vicious genocide in 1947 at its birth and have forgotten and thrown the 1984 genocide into the dustbin of history too without any noteworthy act against the perpetrators.

And VICIOUS RIOTS have repeated themselves repeatedly after that under the vicious leaders of morally corrupt political and community leaders and Dons like Modi, Thakare, Dawood, Shah and their likes.

Sometimes I am ashamed to be born a human as it is one of the rarest breed which uses its cunning and wrath to murder its own people. Very few animal breeds, if any, can be considered as so vicious.

GRAHAN, a new web series on Disney/Hotstar which I just finished watching tore open old wounds and my heart bleeds while remembering the past.

I have tried to ensure in this life that I fight such evil forces all throughout and will continue to do this for my lifetime.

Please watch GRAHAN asap and perhaps it may make you think and also further strengthen your resolve to consider all humans as fellow humans whether they are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Straight, LGBTQ, facing physical or mental disability.

Let us ALL work to make this a more humanly acceptable place for all humans.

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