Just ‘I’ un-True- deau

This time Trudeau must go. Go to the dustbin of history as another power hungry politician. Period!

I am a Canadian of liberal values, a moderate and have always voted Liberal in all elections till date. But this election since I cannot support the policies or the stand of Conservatives, I have decided not to vote as a mark of protest.

If that leads to a Liberal loss or a largely diminished majority, so be it! That is the price the party should pay for supporting Justin Trudeau and in pushing Canadians to an unnecessary election this September.

Consider the situation. In the current 43rd parliament, the Liberals got support of NDP and/or the support of Bloc Quebecois , even the Conservatives when it came to pandemic relief bill, for passing most bills that they had introduced to implement their policies. True a few are pending still due to various opposing views including the one on conversion therapy and need more dialogue and discussion but this happens in any working democracy.

Politics is an art of managing opposing views not managing how to dismantle opposing party.

However Justin Trudeau does not think so and in fact showed at various times during the 42nd and 43rd Parliament that he had no eyes and ears for the opposing views and in Canadian politics, it had to be his way or …..

Today at a time when a good two years still remain for the current Parliament, during the midst of a raging pandemic which has no intention to slow down with emergence of newer and newer variants, when Canadian economy especially small businesses are suffering and in deep turmoil, when the Liberal government had the chance to heal the wounds of a country going through various racial struggles including coming out of the shadows of a dark past, Trudeau conveniently ignored his responsibilities and instead called an election. The politician in him thinks that this is the time to milk the goodwill generated by providing generous Covid-19 benefits to the ordinary Canadians and gain absolute majority and power before this goodwill wades in the past and the weaknesses of the leadership comes to light.

As I mentioned earlier I have liberal values and would have supported parties with similar views like Liberal or NDP at all times. But before being a liberal, I am a Canadian and Trudeau is not good for Canada.

Trudeau has proved beyond doubt that he is not a leader but just a simple, weak, power hungry politician. There is no way that the powerful party nexus having strong roots in the Liberal party system would ever let go one of their own and hence a dissent has to come from outside. From ordinary Canadians who care for liberal party or its values and show to these  current “political masters” living in glass houses that they cannot take us for granted.

Trudeau has proved his incompetence time and again which we have ignored for far too long.

In 2015 he emerged as a leader of a new Canada with modern vision building on the shared values of equality, liberty and dignity for all.

However in the first term itself it started to emerge that behind the mask was a faulted leader who disliked nay hated opposing views even if they were based on truth and came from within the party.

When a few Member of Parliaments of his own party differed from his stand of protecting a deeply corrupt corporate proven to have bribed global political leaders for financial gain, instead of supporting them for their right stand, he went after them and used all means available to crush their dissent. Even if it meant coming out against women and indigenous representation, the very community for whom he had always portrayed himself as a spokesman.

He had built an image of being a supporter of diversity, especially people of color. However his blackface act of the past showed his true self. We ignored the same and let it go as when it comes to accepting representatives for diversity, it is always a matter of supporting the least discriminating of them all. The thought of having a leader with a truly colorless lens is only a utopian dream which is doubtful to see the light of the day.

In the Trudeau shortened span of this government, he has again created opportunities to prove his incompetence.

The “We charity” scandal where the award of contract to We charity for distributing pandemic aid to certain Canadians proved how deeply faulted, if not corrupt, the leadership at the top is. It proved how friends of government can set hands on any contract of their liking and how corporates and big finance control our political parties. To protect Trudeau, even if it was starkly evident that he was a friend of the We charity owners, the axe fell on the finance minister Bill Morneau who had to be let go as a scapegoat  to protect the image of the party. It proved  beyond doubt the nexus between political parties and corporates and with the Liberal party having a dark past what with many scandals including the power station fiasco in GTA, it only added to the image that Trudeau is just another asset managing the Liberal dark business.

Oh by the way, let’s not forget how Donald Trump, a bully par excellence used to regularly play with Trudeau and project him as a weakling, a sideshow which Canadians got used to. After all Trump was Trump and Trudeau was a ‘nice, liberal, guy’! Though till date, I have never understood why ‘nice guys’ should stay silent or not respond back and be at peace with their projection as being weak than being able to come up and confront the bully.

And yes, a topic that the supporting Liberal media never speaks about. While we are at Trump, Trump  while being a true scumbag who could have prevented many more deaths during Covid-19 but for his deeply boorish behaviour got one thing absolutely right which actually is enabling us to emerge out of the pandemic. He said almost prophetically that masks will not protect us but vaccines will! And he directed all government energies and monies to enable fast tracking vaccine development at “Warp speed”. The result is for all to see! Today the development of the fastest vaccine to prevent the spread of Covid-19 will be remembered by humanity as the saving grace to this pandemic even though unfortunately the political leader behind that effort will be remembered more as a villainous buffoon for his other acts.

And what did a rational, reasonable leader like Justin Trudeau do? Instead of working with the Canadian scientific and pharma industry to ensure that we develop vaccine manufacturing facilities and either manufacture our own vaccine or tie up with the emerging vaccine manufacturers, we focused on a buying  spree for vaccines and ordered seven times more vaccines that the Canadians needed and put money aside for such contracts. That when some of the vaccine ingredients are being exported by a few Canadian manufacturers and Canada also possess some of the best medical and scientific talent of the world and could have used resources to focus on these efforts. Today a lot of these extra vaccines ordered are getting wasted in Canadian pharmacies paid with our tax monies while a large section of the world population cries out for vaccines.

Last but not the least we come back to his decision to call this election. Could he have not continued to work with smaller parties and let the Canadian parliament run its full term? Would heavens have fallen if some bills like the one on conversion policy got stalled in this parliament? Would it be so odd for a democratically elected leader in a democracy face opposition to his views unless off course the leader has dictatorial tendency?

No in this election, for a better Canadian leadership in future which respects democracy and has a leader at the helm than a weak politician, we will have to make Trudeau realize his mistake. Even if it amounts to voting NDP or Conservatives or Bloc Quebecois for some or not voting at all for others.  After all not voting is also a mark of dissent especially for people like me who consider voting as our sacred duty.

Let Canadian politicians realize again that managing minority governments is a way of life in Canadian politics or for that matter in any matured democracy.

This election support Canada and put Canada first to enable change. Un-Trudeau un-true-deau! Amen.

Posted in Times of India on 29th August 2021. Link below-



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