Khalistan farce referendum 2.0

Open letter to Bonnie Crombie, Doug Ford, Justin Trudeau and Canadian politicians

Hello fellow Canadians

Please do not take it to heart for being called fellow Canadians and not being referred to by the titles bestowed by the revered positions that you occupy. Unfortunately as a Canadian of Indian origin and seeing how you are allowing Canadian soil to be used to run a vicious, divisive, hurtful campaign to not just malign India but also to cause deep hurt to thousands of Indo-Canadians who abide by the Canadian laws in letter and spirit and should not be required to face this; it is now impossible for me to have any respect left for you.

Since our words of request to bring an end to the highly disgraceful and fake farces called Khalistan referendums have fallen on deaf ears, it is time to come straight to the point and state the FACTS as they stand.

Flashback 1980s and early 90’s-

The Khalistani movement which prior to the eighties was primarily used by extremists and secessionists aided by India’s neighbor to create unrest in Punjab without any success, was picked up by a bunch of militant Sikh leaders to gain hold over the Sikh places of worship and the Sikh psyche in Punjab. These leaders were financially backed by anti-India forces including many Canadians who wanted to use their new money to gain power and hold over the community. With money power and easy arms and ammunition support from across the border, they set out on creating a reign of terror, intimidation, assaults on people who opposed them and regular killings of innocent citizens.  Their leader of the times Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale who today’s neo Khalistanis refer to as a Saint was the mastermind of terrorist activities in the early eighties and used all possible ways to gain control over Punjab including occupying the holiest place of Sikh religion by force, terror and threats of retribution on anyone who opposed. When the Indian government asked him to disown the path of terrorism and sit for a dialogue and discussion, instead of following the law of the land, he and his supporters armed themselves to the brim with most sophisticated automatic weaponry including anti-tank missiles inside a place of worship. This is history verified by even the strongest critics of Indian government. It is also true that their terrorism and calls of dividing India were crushed then and will fail every time they rise in India.

If killings of innocent Hindus at the hands of armed mob after the beloved Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her own Sikh security guards is considered a genocide, then the singling out and killings of innocent Hindus and also any Sikhs who opposed Khalistanis was also genocide carried out by these Khalistanis. And while the anti-Sikh riots which engulfed 40 odd Indian cities occurred for close to a week in India after the death of Mrs. Gandhi, this genocide against thousands of ordinary, innocent citizens was carried out for more than a decade in India by these armed Khalistanis whose aim was to establish a reign of terror.

During this time, villages and small towns literally used to shut down in dark and it was scary for Hindus to set out in the night alone from their houses. Ransoms, deaths, destruction was common. Buses were stopped and Hindus picked out and shot dead at point blank range. In one such incidence in July 1987, my own brother and father fortunately escaped death as they stepped out from a bus and took another one while returning from Chandigarh. Hours later and a few kilometres on the way, the Hindu occupants of that ill-fated bus were shot dead at point blank range by four Khalistani terrorists. Such is the nature and history of the Khalistan movement.

Unfortunately Canada played a deadly part in that circle of violence with many Canadians contributing monetarily to the Khalistanis and helping them in continuing their terrorist activities. The saner voices to stop such flow of finances and support were not heeded then too despite Khalistanis even targeting a Canadian airplane killing hundreds of innocent citizens.

The people of Punjab saw through the intent of these Khalistanis and summarily rejected them in early nineties. While the Indian government ensured that the movement came to an end in early nineties, it is a KNOWN fact that no movement can end without total collapse of public support which is what exactly happened in this case. For the past more than three decades, this movement has zero support in Punjab and it is only when you come to Canada or the Western world that you here about such divisive ideas as these countries have become safe sanctuaries for secessionists.

Let’s return to the present day.

These Khalistanis know clearly that these farce referendums have no meaning whatsoever in the world and even the Indian Sikhs consider themselves as proud Indians first and have no such thought even in their wildest dreams. Khalistanis  are using these farces (as it is even an insult to call them referendum) to gain hold over the Sikh diaspora in the West, to divide Indo-Canadians and hurt them, especially Hindus and to gain social, political and financial controls over religious and other institutions.

It is a known fact which I am sure you all can easily verify that the powerhouses of their movement are the local Gurudwaras which are either controlled directly or through compulsion and force by Khalistani sympathizers. Any visit to most Gurudwaras in any part of GTA can easily show the truth what with not just high hateful billboards standing tall, flyers instigating people with anti-India and anti-Hindu sentiments and pictures of known terrorists adoring the walls of such religious places. Where goes the idea of not allowing places of worship to become preachers of hate in Canada?

It is also a known fact that a large part of the Sikh diaspora immigrated to Canada in the eighties and while Punjab emerged out of the circle of violence and hate long back, their minds are still stuck up in that time zone and many such people refuse to move on. They and the younger minds nurtured in such houses are easy targets for such Khalistanis and they are being emotionally and crudely manipulated to support the nefarious designs of such people. Just see any banner/sign which continuously refers to 1984 as genocide and tries to draw on raw feelings and images to brew hate.

Alas in this hateful agenda, the ordinary Indo-Canadians are suffering including not just Hindus who have to face your on-the-face vitriol night and day besides being a silent spectator to damaging anti-India activities but also the silent majority of moderate Sikhs who are being forced to either participate in the referendum or stay mute lest they be ex-communicated from their religion and communities.

Such is the level of fear that it is difficult to speak out and even this writer has had to face many threats both in person, online and on phone, especially after the last protest in the previous farce referendum and it is extremely difficult for people to stand up to such elements. This while living in a so-called peace loving country like Canada. How difficult it would have been for an ordinary citizen to face such armed elements in India at the height of their militant surge in India is easy to imagine!

It has been PROVEN by the Khalistanis that there is nothing called peaceful movement in their dictionary.  Peace is just a disguise to trick the West and develop support as they know that one false step and the public opinion and politicians will be forced to change track. These outside divisive forces have in the past financed and supported militant groups in India and will start doing that again at the very first instance available.

Unfortunately if they succeed in their nefarious designs than this time a large part of the blame for any death or destruction will go to the Canadian politicians who are covertly and overtly supporting them to harness their vote banks!

How can you allow such a farce to happen in your cities of GTA? In Ontario? In Canada? Do you still support democracy and peaceful co-existence or are the rules different when they apply to the Western world or the countries being friendly (read bowing down to) the West and different for countries capable of standing up on their own? How can Mr Trudeau and Canada oppose a referendum by Russia in Ukraine and at the same time allow for such an activity turned farce to be held in Canada?

And how exactly is this farce a referendum and not a malicious activity to harness anti-India feelings when it is not happening in Punjab or by the Punjabis? Even outside India it does not allow all Punjabi origin people to participate and only the Sikhs are allowed to vote? Since when has Canada and Canadian politicians started to pander to religious based segregation and divisions?

And how will you feel if a White Roman Catholic group in Canada decide to carry out a referendum in Canada to break Texas from USA showing all kinds of hateful messages towards USA? How would you feel if in any part of France a similar exercise is done to try and break Quebec from Canada? How on earth can you even allow such a dangerous exercise to occur not once but twice in Canada?

It is deeply disappointing and hurting for me to write to you all about this. It is also shattering for me to see the very Canadian values crumbling in front of me for which I decided to become Canadian.

Sure nations are not perfect and they have their own deficiencies on which they work in their own way and yet that does not give right to one nation to allow their lands to be used for breaking others.

I also fear for the safety and peaceful co-existence of Indo-Canadians and even other Canadians, if the lives of Indo-Canadians are discounted any which way. These people have proven history to go to any extreme to make things work their way and their continued pampering may make them more brazen.

Ms Crombie, Mr. Ford, Mr. Trudeau, STOP this farce now. I also ask you and all the Mayors of neighboring cities to order immediate removal of hoardings, banners, signs and flyers from your cities with anti- India and anti-Hindu hate messages. Stop before it is too late.

I stood alone in front of these Khalistanis on September 18th and Indo-Canadians will oppose any such activity peacefully yet again as we carry values instilled by Gandhi and Buddha in our hearts.

Hope you open your ears this time and listen to saner voices before they are made extinct by the very evil that is being allowed to groom on our soil. Amen.

Posted in Times of India on 3rd November 2022. Link below-


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