Wedding Season

Wedding Season-

Role: Rana Gurdev Singh-

A Netflix/Hollywood film starting Suraj Sharma in which I had a great scene with Suraj and Sean besides a fun dance sequence in the climax.

Alas in the end product, the entire 5 minute scene was cut and also climax dance was only shown in small cuts. Such is cinema!

Have fond memories though of filming, making new friends-Suraj Sharma, Sean Klier, Pallavi Sharda, Damian Thomson (you may remember seeing him in English/Vinglish),Julius Cho, Subhash Santosh, Pihu….. Also did the voice over of a Hindu priest and you can hear the Vedic Mantras in some of the scenes in the movie in my voice.

The film was shot in 2021 and released on Netflix in August 2022.


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